Transmutation and techniques to liberate chi energy

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    I have been reading quite a bit about chi energy and the transmutation of energy and I am reaching out to others. Who are fairly familiar. Have you had any luck transmuting YOur energy into other focuses In life?
  2. Sure. You just have to go and do stuff. The old habits still have a say. So if you still feed the habit of procrastination and laziness they will still be alive. You have to make a point to do something productive and then do it. But once you do that it is easier to get your ass up and do them, cos of the bonus energy you have.

    If you do not set goals, plan of action and make an intent to follow through then nothing will change. All the sexual energy will just sit in you like a fuel in a 770 horsepower Lamborghini Centenario, an unused supercar stored in garage. Using sexual energy transmutation for manifestation is very much like working with the Law of Attraction. Yes energy matters, but you still have to take action. It's a supplementary power that will make things easier and faster, that's all.
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