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    I'm an artist and a musician I want to trasmute the sexual energy into beautiful works of art. The problem is sometimes the sexual energy is so strong I can't concentrate on what I'm doing. Any suggestions?
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    Yes dealing with sexual energy can be a challenge -- sometimes a very difficult challenge.

    Try these steps:
    1. Temptation? = Go Outside. (Fleeing or leaving a tempting situation works very well.)
    2. Go Back Inside -- when you are stronger; have self-control; are relaxed
    3. If Tempted Again = repeat.


    1. Use lots of rewards [positive reinforcement] the first week (desserts, fruit drink, etc.)

    2. When tempted, use Distractions to provide a way to escape temporary (10-20 min) temptations

    3. GO OUTSIDE -- if needed. *Dance to your favorite tunes... call or text or email a friend or relative ... Walk a dog, cat, horse … go to NoFap and "like" some posts … give advice ... encourage others … etc

    4. Remember the many Benefits of NoFap: a. get rid of social anxiety & no fear of public speaking b. increased attention from the opposite sex c. goodbye depression [no shame to drag you down] d. much more energy e. stronger eye contact & more assertive f. more happy in general g. more focus [glasshopper]

    5. Keep Busy ( be productive) -- it will make you feel good to have some daily goals and check them off as you accomplish them.

    6. Dance to your favorite tunes... call or text or email a friend ... go to NoFap and "like" some posts … give advice ... encourage others…etc.

    7. You Can Do This! Anyone can be successful at NoFap! (All it takes is some effort; and willingness to go outside once in a while)

    Bonus: * If you like, click on "Update Day Counter" (Visible Day Counter) at top of page .... in the center .... to set your start date and time. Easy.
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    Sometimes the challenge can be even finding the incentive to go outside.

    I mean I find it is necessary to stop the flow dead in its tracks before temptation strikes or else it could be too late to make a rational choice.

    Sometimes the flow is not caused by our own libido.

    I shan't say more but offer a glimpse into another realm,

    Orgasms Without Love Are feeding Evil!

    Only the sacred can save some souls it seems.
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    Break it up. I mean you have to learn to become aware of it from when it is less powerful and diffuse it through smaller steps.

    Would you agree waiting until a typhoon strikes the shore would make for a difficult time not drowning in the storm? I mean libido can seem like a typhoon at times but one can diffuse it through lifestyle changes including dietary choices and also by learning to recognize when one needs to use the energy productively before it gets "backed up" and "haunts" one later.

    I mean I am still learning myself but I really have been taking steps to address building energy immediately by staying focused on positive goals and being honest with myself, totally a work in progress being honest with myself and will require long-term consistent efforts to maintain progress.
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    Deep breathing morning and night totaling close to a hour per day is also amazing for dispersing the energy in the lower dan t'ian throughout the body, namely running up the spine into the brain creating energy an artist would beg for dearly.
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