Transmutation of Sexual Energy

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    For those wanting to learn how to do this, the best tool to start the process of transmuting sexual energy the "Mool bandha" practice. This is very simple and helps to raise energy from lower chakras to higher ones. Build up of creative energy (which has its origin in the base chakra and builds up in the sacral chakra as sexual/procreative energy) results in sexual urges if it is not raised up further. This is especially the case if one's mind is focussed on sexual thoughts, as attention is what directs energy to a purpose.

    So the secret of transmutation is to use the breath and attention to move energy to higher centres. Initially this is to the solar plexus in the abdomen then to the heart. From the heart you can start manifesting your true self and whatever you need around you to fulfill your purpose in this life. If you go even higher up to the third eye you will obtain a new sense of perception and understanding and see much much more than you currently can. And further up is the crown chakra which connects you to the source of everything - cosmic energy.

    To carry out this practice, you need to be able to feel the sexual energy in your sacral/ genital region. Close your eyes and pay attention to it. Link it with your breath. Then take a conscious breath of inhalation focussing on the breath as it goes from your upper body down your spine and meets the energy you feel in your sacral area. As you do this contract and hold your PC muscles, so that you have fully clenched this when your breath and attention reach the base of your spine. Hold your breath and attention for a few seconds then slowly and consciously visualise the energy moving up to your abdomen and heart as your breathe out. Repeat this every time you feel a sexual build up and this tension will dissolve as your energy is moved up. You will feel orgasmic energy in your abdomen and then heart. It will then manifest in whatever you choose in a very powerful way. If you want further spiritual growth, you can proceed to higher chakras, and when you connect to cosmic energy, the pleasure is a thousand fold what people experience with usual sexual release from lower chakras.
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  2. stoneyman22

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    awesome! Time to raise some eneergy
  3. chillgorilla123

    chillgorilla123 Fapstronaut

    This sounds powerful! Thanks for sharing, will practice this right away!
  4. HeartCenter

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    Thank you for this. if you do yoga, also check out the brahmacharya pose
  5. Its great you started this thread aquablue. Lets add all tactics and strategies to transmute sexual energy.

    Even though these methods may not come from Buddhist sources they are useful to keep the Brahmacharya intact.

    Ancient Indian society was spiritually advanced where these practices such as yoga was done. So the Buddha didnt need to specifically teach about these methods such as yoga and pranayama.

    For the record I am a Vajrayana Buddhist.

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