Trapped in a prison of my own making

Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by shossain, Jul 15, 2017.

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    Hi Fapstronauts, am new here, am here because It feels like am trapped in a prison of my own making. Unfortunately, I can't disclose my current problems with my friends and family. So, it becomes harder for me to quit porn. And so am HERE.

    I was not aware what harm pornography could do until i got married few months back. In the beginning I thought the reason for which I was not getting any erection probably for physical reason, but after spending too much time on youtube and google I figured out that the problem is not physical since I am still getting erection when I am watching porn. The experts (in the internet, blogger, doctor , you name it) explained this problem in their own way and most of them said to leave Porn.

    In the beginning I thought, this will be easy. Can do it easily. Have been trying for last 3/4 weeks and constantly failing...............ENEEED HELP.

    I watched 3/4 porn few hours back... And now am cursing myself....

    I just want to enjoy my wife, want to give her pleasure in bed. Want to come back to the real world from the virtual world.... Can AnY OnE HeLp me To Recover ?????

    bdw, I have been watching porn since my childhood (have watched thousand+ in last 12yr)..... I know this journey will not be easy for me.
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    There is a list of resources at the top of this thread which has been posted by Alexander. Go through those, use them, and realize you have support here. Create a journal and read the journal of others. Open your mind to the evils of pornography and join the fight to Stay clean!

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