Trauma and Fetishes

A support group for victims of childhood abuse

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    DISCLAIMER: Some of the content in this post may be disturbing to some readers. It may also trigger responses from fetish sufferers. If you feel you are at risk, turn back now.

    Prior to joining this website I have tried to understand what exactly motivates my foot/boot fetish, crush fetish, and other femdom fetishes. After a long time of struggling to figure out what was going on, I believe I figured out part of the problem.
    A month or two back I came across fetish material that involved a dominant stepmother. This aroused me in an extreme way and I was hooked on that material intensely. I made the connection that my overbearing stepmother (mixed with my controlling and narcissistic father) cultivated in me a fetish of being submissive and dominated by a woman in power over me. The feeling of weakness that I felt in my childhood (and my own frustration with feeling weak and out of control) caused me to make it into a fetish to deal with the pain.
    This may be helpful for others of you that struggle with fetishes. Understand that your fetish is probably a coping tool that you use to deal with pain. Please feel free to reach out to me directly so we can talk to each other and be accountable to one another. I'm starting my journey again and I'd love for you to join me on it. I want to become a dominant, conquering man that is no longer bound by his childhood trauma. I'd imagine many of you feel the same way.
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    I do in a sense, but not in wishing to be dominant, rather to not feel soo inclined to be controlling or sadistic. My kinks, I believe, are manifested from years of suppressed frustration and exposure to oversexualization. I don't want to hurt others, and yet my urges push and punch me evermore. Even vague reminders are enough to drive me crazy some days.
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