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Treating Delayed Ejaculation with a Combination Approach

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by d_e_treatmentblog, Apr 7, 2017.

  1. d_e_treatmentblog

    d_e_treatmentblog Fapstronaut

    I am 26 and have experienced delayed ejaculation (DE) for years, and I would say has negatively affected me for most of my adult life. After finding something that I could do on my own that ultimately gave me great personal benefit in regards to this condition, I decided I wanted to write about it and hopefully help other guys who are affected in the same way by DE.

    This is the link to my blog article: http://detreatmentblog.blogspot.ca

    What it basically amounts to is a guide specifically directed towards men who can orgasm fine during masturbation, but don't feel like they can get enough stimulation from sex. What a lot of people usually call this is the "death grip syndrome."

    Why I have felt compelled to write about this is because I feel there is a lot of misleading information about it on the internet, and I'd like to see more useful information available instead. Specifically how there has been a lot of advocation towards the "bridging maneuver," as a viable way to circumvent a man's inability to climax from sex. Check the Vice article on it if you are interested: https://www.vice.com/en_us/article/is-death-grip-syndrome-a-masturbation-myth-293

    What they conclude in the article is to simply: "Fuck and fuck and fuck, and then jack it, and then shove it back in when you reach that point of no return." Thus I refer to this in the blog as the "Bridging Maneuver," where a man tries to switch quickly between masturbating and intercourse to help him become adjusted to sex. I go into great detail about this in the blog, but I'll just say quickly that this really is not the right idea. The contrast between manual stimulation and vaginal penetration is huge!

    Even more importantly, what does the bridging maneuver actually achieve? It gives the man the "right" to say: "See? I came! Counts as sex" ? Sure, you technically had an orgasm inside of a woman, but what did it feel like prior to that? For a lot of guys I think they would say "Not bad, but I was pretty frustrated a lot of time as well." What I am trying to get across is that while the bridging maneuver may be satisfying for some couples in some situations, I would argue that it is by no means a "solution." Furthermore, becoming more tuned in to the stimulation received during sex may still be possible for some men if they follow what I have outlined in the blog: utilizing modified Fleshlight sleeves in a gradual process so as to slowly retrain your body and mind to become aroused by sexual stimulation alone... without the need to switch quickly to manual stimulation in order to climax.

    I definitely applaud those who have gone 90 days or more with NoFap, I think there is definitely benefit be gained from a reboot. So I really hope that others see what I am proposing is not to go overboard with this self-stimulation adjustment, but see it more as a combination approach. I think someone could get a really great benefit if they did a reboot (30, 60, 90 day whichever you choose), and then instead of regressing to manual stimulation, start with the process I have proposed. If you are in a relationship already, then I can see the desire to go straight in with having intercourse. But for some people, they might not see results. Or some guys are doing a reboot and they are not actively having sex with anyone, in that case this process I have outlined makes even more sense: there's plenty of progress to be made on your own!

    I cannot by any means guarantee this will work for everyone. But for those that have found success by using unmodified Fleshlights, and/or NoFap, what I have described in the blog may be prove to be a more effective and methodical process to retrain the way you experience sexual stimulation.
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