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  1. ProboyMate

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    Anyone know of treatment or how to handle/cure anxiety that is not medicine?
    And does nofap help with this?
    And why is nofap so hard?
  2. properWood

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    > Anyone know of treatment or how to handle/cure anxiety that is not medicine?
    Therapy, like psychotherapy.

    > And does nofap help with this?
    Yes, it does.

    > And why is nofap so hard?
    Because you are bored and feel lonely. You used to fap because you were bored or you felt lonely, and now that you interrupted fapping, you get those feelings back.

    You need to deal with your emotions of boredom and loneliness and then pick up some hobbies that bring you joy. Each of us have our own journey, but those are the large guiding points. What we do with our time depends on our priorities. What are your priorities in life?
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    Things you can do that help reduce anxiety are -: exercise, making sure you have enough sleep, don't eat crap food ( crap food will send your gut biome out of balance, this can produce anxiety, gut and brain are closely linked ) reduce or stop caffeine intake, keep device use to minimum, spend plenty of time outside preferably in nature if possible, jump into some natural water ( if you can swim ), spend time with friends, meditation. And nofap will help with this, at least it has done for me.
    I was using porn to fill gaps in my life, and then porn started making gaps in my life that I'd fill with more porn. The longer I go without pmo, the clearer I see why I did it and the benefits I am now having that I have quit.
    All this is about getting to know yourself right? You made a decisions to quit, why? Everything you want to know is right there, inside you.
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  4. Robinthehood

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    Damn right it's hard. It gets easier when the benefits of not pmoing outweigh the perceived benefits of fapping....but the hard bit is seeing these benefits of no pmo and remembering them in times of weakness! It felt like I was losing out at first, " where have all my amazing women gone?" And all the fantasy fetish images and video that appeared to my brain to be real, I suddenly don't have anymore... To realise that porn is an illusion, a perceived solution to a possibly complex problem. That of being a complicated human being with a probably fucked up psyche like everyone else! Those gaps that porn filled now have to be filled with other things. You have to figure out what's missing in your life my friend, find the right things to fill those gaps, then you'll no longer want or need porn. That is where I'm at, the porn cravings are gone pretty much, and I'm doing more stuff suddenly. I have the wish to exercise, go to be early so I'm well slept and ready for the next day etc. There's still lots to do but I'm really enjoying imaging what I want in my life, slowly slowly. Take pleasure in this, build the life you want, you can do it!
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  5. TheSlyFly

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    Surprised no-one has mentioned cold showers, those combined with deep breathing(wim hof method) can do some wonders, I know it did for my severe depression and anxiety! If you ever wanna DM me on other coping mechanisms always down for a chat :)
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  6. RalphMcDonald

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    The treatment depends on the nature of an individual’s anxiety disorder. After recognizing the symptoms of anxiety, it is better to take steps to manage such conditions. A person can handle the anxiety at his/her own by doing some self-treatment. Here are some techniques to deal with anxiety.

    Stress management, relaxation techniques like deep breathing exercises, long baths, yoga, meditation, etc., and mental exercises to replace negative thoughts with negative thoughts.
  7. Bombadil

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  8. SoJoP

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    Anxiety and depression have been a major part of my life and a big part of my NoFap Experience. For me, I found that successful management of my emotional health made managing PM relatively easy.

    As an adult I rarely had trouble falling asleep, but I hit a point where stress from family and work was so bad that I couldn't stay asleep for more than 4 hours. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am. At work, I got rid of a toxic account and restructured our company to reduce stress. I read the 5 Love Languages, and learned about how to improve some things in my home life. I got into mindfulness and meditation, and recognized that I often used stress as a motivator to psych myself into doing things I didn't want to do. I learned that I had sleep apnea. Treating that so that I sleep well again has been huge.
  9. SoJoP

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    One unexpected thing that happened as I got more into meditation is that as I brought my anxiety levels way down I discovered an underlying depression. I had been using stress as a way to fight it. Depression, much more than anxiety, is a factor for me managing P&M, since I had also fallen into the habbit of using them to pick me up emotionally.

    Exercise & positive relationships were effective tools at managing depression. For me, as home stress continued to mount (I have a spouse and 2 kids with severe anxiety/depression problems), I finally got on medication, and his has helped loads.

    For my kids, limiting screen time, getting exercise, healthy communication, and good friends all help with their anxiety issues.

    If you want a good, approachable, introduction to meditation, I recommend Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan. He was an engineer at Google. Its a great book. It doesn't take very much meditation to see significant reductions in typical anxiety.
  10. Jimmy Johnson

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    I have read the book "How stop worrying and start living" by Dale Carnegie. It gives lots of advice for dealing with worry. I see anxiety and stress as a form of worry or worry being their cause. It is sometimes hard for me to identify what I am worrying about as it might have sneaked into the subconscience.
  11. SoJoP

    SoJoP Fapstronaut

    I’ve heard if it, but haven’t read it.

    Also, like with P&M, it can be startling how much more time and energy we can discover when we stop worrying about stuff, so I like the title.
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    Journaling it can be extremely helpful.Anxiety usually comes from some conflict in the mind which in time creates a anxious state.
    It's good to start to check and see when you are most anxious and why(you probably know or have a hunch why) and then solving the problems will reduce the anxiety.Gaming, porn,too many movies, no social life can create easily anxiety for example, so by solving these problems you lower the anxiety.
    Anxiety is a natural response and it becomes chronic when we continue doing something that is contrary with how we want or believe.
  13. GetMyLifeBack0

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    I have a friend that is all about cold showers and wim hof. Seems to me that this is a very good method to use during times of anxiety, and to also help the fight urges that may come up.
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  14. SoJoP

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    LOL Seems like cold showers would CAUSE anxiety! :^)
  15. GetMyLifeBack0

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    It’s really not to bad actually and there are a lot of health benefits to taking cold showers aside from helping with blue balls. Lol you should try is sometime. :)

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