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trigger warning: going 'crazy' help! I simply cant get re booted on this one

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Deleted Account, Dec 26, 2015.

  1. every day i think about buying... well something to do with M, I cant stop thinking about using it. every day the feeling and a strong pull from my chest or emotions, wants me to buy this stuff, every single solitary day. its like a haunt that never goes away..and the funny thing is, I dont even like the stuff, its messy. its sounds funny but its true i can not get it off my mind!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was not sure if i should post this but i have to get it off my mind
  2. NetherRey

    NetherRey Guest

    If you're having second thoughts about it, then probably it's not the best thing you can do. I might add, you are rebooting so, this really is not the best thing you should do, it'll only slow you down and hinder your reboot. I suggest you keep the money or invest it on some kind of hobby dude. It's all a matter of choice now, you decide your future.
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  3. yes rather then always just saying no to the negative things, i really do need some new hobbies to replace the old ones.
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  4. NetherRey

    NetherRey Guest

    That's it dude. It's better to start a new hobby than to fuel the old one, which kinda weakens your body and mind. Cheers dude and good luck!
  5. travelling fapstronaut

    travelling fapstronaut Fapstronaut

    Wev all been in the exact same situation as you mate, its easy for some of the long term nofappers to forget how strong the urges are in the early days. Just remember every time you resist the urges you are weakening the pathways in your brain that cause the urges. Nofap is a process, a damn f*cking hard one that is made up of lots of small victories. Keep strong bro, if we can do it then so can you
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