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  1. recoverychap

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    A while ago I came on here looking for help and posted a comment in a forum,
    I was new to NoFap and I'd been doing really well but fell as if I was wavering and needed some additional support - so I posted something in a response to someone else post and got berated for posting the wrong thing in the wrong place, which in itself really triggered me and hit my big red 'Fxxx It' button, so for me this was like the monopoly of desire, go straight past titalation, avoid pornhub and go straight to pleasure a stranger in a bush. I haven't had full sex with anyone for over 5 years out of respect for my partner who can not do it anymore and I try my very VERY VERY best to abstain but sometimes it all gets a bit too much so if I'm not getting any sort of pleasure from anywhere what is the point in anything. I lost my connection to God years ago when I lost my faith that has recently been sort of returning but is in a very weird mixed up place, how can one stay strong when seeking help in the virtual words of strangers only to be put down, or rejected by ones partner physically, I feel so alone in the universe sometime and this only feels to confirm that feeling of loneliness.
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  2. onceaking

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    I started losing my faith around 10 years ago and now I'm agnostic. I found when I finally let go of my faith I was more at peace and less angry. I think we're all on our own journey and for some people, faith helps them and for others, it doesn't. It's down to each individual to figure what enables them to live their best life.
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  3. Notmandy

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    Thanks for sharing that. I'm sorry you feel alone and rejected in a space that is meant to be one of unity and support. It is shocking to receive pushback, let alone to be berated, when you're just trying to share. I had to walk away from NoFap for awhile because I felt I was spending more time defending or protecting myself rather than being encouraged in my addiction. For me, NoFap is just a resource now to hear storied and post thoughts. I joined a 12 step program for my addiction and it offers the love and support that encourages me on my journey. You're not alone, friend, there are better spaces to feel supported!

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