Triggers are everywere!

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by HerrFritz, Mar 24, 2021.

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    Today I was on a Videocall with several colleagues, but also with 2 consultants. Both were female and cute. I have a foot fetish and a nylon fetish. My first reaction when I saw those two women was, I have to find them on social media and look for pictures of their feet and legs.

    I already found the first person on Facebook when I suddenly realised that I'm in recovery! I didn't scroll trough the pictures or, even worse, wanked on them. Just in time. A serieous wake up call!

    Be aware: triggers are everywere...
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    Keep in mind this is a large reason why people need to quit porn in the first place. Its not healthy to see an attractive female and automatically think "gotta find a revealing pic of her on social media". I don't say that to criticize you btw, I say it to highlight what porn does to us. We should be able to see an attractive woman, calmly acknowledge she's attractive, and then just move on. So if you need a bit of a motivator, the longer you go with porn no longer being a thing in your life, the lesser and lesser these thoughts pop up, usually anyways. Props to you for stopping yourself in the middle of it though, that's probably harder than just not looking for stuff to pmo to at all.
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    Yea even in real life you can find triggers lol. Was walking in a parking lot yesterday and saw on a car a sticker for a popular P genre. Pretty nuts.
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    ye man , i understand how you feel , it sucks , we re surrounded by triggers , even browsing reddit with 18+ turned off and child protection on my computer and still see some NSFW pictures clearly not meant for children all the TIME ; i hate it
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    i agree, avoid such triggers
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    This is facts. When we see a beautiful woman, we shouldn't think of how we can get pleasure from her, instead we gotta sack up and get the digits and have a positive human interaction
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    Social media sucks