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    Hey guys, I am starting a new group consisting of just around 5 guys or gals who would like to take take on what I am referring to as the Triple Threat challenge.

    This challenge is a 90 day long challenge that focuses on the hard mode of NoFap, a 90 day fitness plan, and a 90 day nutrition plan.

    NoFap Hardcore Mode Rules:

    Hard Mode: Abstaining from Porn, Masturbation, and Orgasm Altogether

    "We lovingly nicknamed this mode “Hard Mode,” as many of our members are video gamers. Abstaining from PMO altogether includes barring orgasms with another person. Many rebooters do a Hard Mode reboot by default since they do not have partners or are not sexually active. Rebooters with partners can still do Hard Mode, but will want to get their partner’s on board with the idea of abstaining from sex or learning non-orgasmic sexual techniques. One such technique, karezza, has been successfully practiced by some members of the community.

    While Hard Mode may seem like a more difficult reboot than P- or PM-Mode, Hard Mode rebooters won’t have to deal with the Chaser Effect, and they may experience the benefits of rebooting more quickly than if they’d done an another type of reboot.

    Still, Hard Mode rebooters should be prepared for several potential difficulties. See the Pitfalls section, below."

    90 Day Nutrition Plan Rules:

    Nutrition is hard, because it differs for everybody. Because of this, the rules are pretty simple. Just pick a diet program that works for you and that you will be able to sustain over the 90 day period and STICK TO IT.

    I have attached the program that I am following (designed for a 175lb man).

    90 Day Fitness Plan Rules:

    Again, fitness is also hard. Everyone is at a different level with their fitness, and some folks face limitations or disabilities that prevent them from preforming certain level of exercises. I am actually one of these folks! I have a heart condition and a mechanical heart valve. Because of this, I am focusing on more body weight exercises and cardio.

    Much like the nutrition plan, all I will require is that you pick a plan that works for you, and you STICK TO IT.

    How to join the group:

    To join the Triple Threat challenge, please reply to this thread with the following information.
    1. Your gender
    2. Your age
    3. How long you have been using porn
    4. The impact pornography use has had on your life
    5. Why you have decided to quit using porn
    6. Why you want to focus on your fitness and nutrition
    7. How you intend to follow through with your plan
    For example, here is my story:

    1. Male
    2. 27 Years Old
    3. I have been using porn since I was 7 years old, so 20 years!
    4. Porn has shaped the way I view women. It has objectified them and has created unrealistic expectation for relationships. It has turned me into a reclusive guy, even though I know that isn't who I am.
    5. I want to have control over my life. I want to have a relationship with someone who I can say I care about and love.
    6. I am a lazy guy, but at the same time I abhor laziness. I hate myself when I am laying around not doing anything, and I know that I am capable of much more than that. I want to be the best version of myself for my future partner. I want to live a long and healthy life for both myself and my loved ones.
    7. I will take it one day at a time. I am not a super human, but I firmly believe that if you wake up every day and tell yourself "Today, I will not look at porn," or "Today, I will get off my butt and go work out," and you just do it, 90 days will come and go like no time had past at all. Be aware and make a conscious decision every day, hour, and minute that you will stick to your commitment. When that fails, lean on community. Lean on this community.

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    2.23 years.
    3.9 years.
    4. I'm totally depressed and not productive like I used to be.
    5. I want to become a better version of myself. I want to be in a relationship with some I love and care much about her. I want to become more productive both at my studies, sports and life in general.
    6.I have become lanky and look a little bit rough with much ance on my face. I want to improve my fitness because it gives me much joy to be a very effective number 9 while playing football.
    7. I will keep myself busy and try to avoid all triggers.
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    Welcome to the club! Feel free to share completed workouts, pictures of your nutrition, or even progress photos. None of these are required, but if they help you stay on track, great!

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