tripped up and almost relapsed

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    so last night was a bad night. after my dad's pre marriage picnic, I came home and took a nap, and woke up about an hour later, around 11. I was gonna work on music, but realized i was pretty horny. Instead of coming on to NoFap, I was on Twitter browsing and searching NoFap on there to see what would come up. I realized I was searching key words and hoping that revealing pictures would appear. When I realized this, I quickly pulled myself away, but not before seeing some pictures. I pulled myself away, tried to write for a bit, but the sexual thoughts and fantasies were very active, so I just tried to sleep. I make a mess of pre cum every time I have a lasting sexual thought, and this was no exception.

    Words of advice? I'm thinking of resetting the counter even tho i didn't MO just because this number is getting a little stressful to maintain and I'm afraid of going back to day zero.
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    Don't reset the counter. The danger is that you might end up using it as an excuse to PMO. If you are only on "day 0", you might figure it is no big deal to PMO for a few days. Stay strong and good luck.

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