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    When I initially created a nofap account, I got the impression that this is a community of people who are really trying to change aspects of their lifestyles, for the better. But I'm beginning to observe a shift in the community. Maybe I'm digging to much, maybe I don't know enough. I can't help but observe what some may call "humor", others "ignorance", I chose to word it "trolling". Is this what comes with joining a sexual health platform? Any seasoned Fapstronauts care to input on my observation.

    Simply put, I believe they're are those who are making accounts simply to interrupt the success of some members using subtle actions.(I hope I'm wrong) Or maybe they're those who are not aware of the diverse and profound effects that PMO has on its victims, and thus don't realize they're actions here have an effect on their virtual neighbor, positive, or negative. Any clarification is invited, I can further explain my statement if necessary.
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    As there are tens of thousands of users, there can be trolls on here. The moderation team does go through avatars and won’t allow pornographic content or shirtless pictures in that form. If you believe you’re dealing with a troll, or you believe a user’s intentionally triggering you, please report them, even if it’s a PM on here. Don’t feel afraid to report them either, in case the moderators need to take action against a user. Such actions, if warranted, won’t occur without viable proof that comes from a report.

    However, we are dealing with an extremely personal issue that affects all of us in different ways, and allows us to comprehend different triggers. Many users may not realise the effects they have on others due to this reason. I myself have been triggered over reading certain journals, but I’ve always felt they were also sincere in ditching PMO. That’s why using spoiler tags for triggering content is recommended for all users.
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    I have been trolled by someone who was apparently unaware of the ramifications of her seduction, who claimed to be a sex addict. It didn't work out well, needless to say. I got muted for flaming her (him? it?) for a couple days over Xmas, when I wasn't going to be online anyway.
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    How unfortunate, but on a brighter note, opposition usually means you're doing something right. I'm rooting for you! btw I love your username, definitely suits life in this day and age.
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    In my short time here, I've come across a few users who were so obviously fake, it stood out a mile (and yet some people take them completely at face value - go figure!). On one or two occasions I said something to slightly challenge them - big mistake! You get the collective wrath of the community raining down on you, "how can you say that to some poor soul who's only looking for help", etc. So instead I now hit the 'report' button, and the couple of users I've reported have both had their accounts taken down, it seems. I take that as some sort of validation that my instincts weren't too badly off the mark. I recommend anyone who has concerns along those lines to report the posts/members rather than get into a debate with them.
  6. Bartolomew

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    Totally agree with you, thank you!
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    Thanks for the encouragement and your friendly words. Yes, if someone tries to make me slip up again, I will definitely report her rather than get aggressive.

    Would you say that the proportion (or, ratio) of trolls to innocent users on NoFap now is greater than it used to be?
  8. Bartolomew

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    No problem at all, and no I believe the "trolls" are greatly outnumbered by the sincere fapstronauts here on this site. It's just a pest to notice it at times.
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  9. Build a bridge and trolls will live under it.
  10. I am not so sure they are standing out a mile. Look at this thread for instance:
    this one seems more obviously fake:
    but it's hard to be sure about it.

    It's not what I associate with typical trolling which I associate with a more crudely insulting and disruptive behavior.... this is more subtle... This stuff is more on the level of a girl disingenuously flirting with you just for the fun of mocking you later that you fell for it... in some ways it's worse because the moment of truth never arrives. The fake people on these forums operate more like sneak-thief-parasites, causing you to waste your time and energy

    In general the modus operandi of these threads seems to be: make claims of impressive success, while having zero to no history on the platform, having some sort of major dilemma requiring help, watch people make fools of themselves taking it seriously.

    It's got to be tough dealing with this effectively. Because in truth you cannot be sure.
  11. @Alexander, @2525, @matthewmammothrept, Ah ha ha wow, you guys, so now I am the problem? I suppose you want to give these posts and posters, despite the high probability of their being imposters who are jerking people around, the benefit of the doubt. It is a conundrum for sure, I cannot prove they are, and it is certainly possible that perhaps they are not. But you do recall there were a few guys on these forums not to long ago who were constantly being provocative for the fun of it? I wish I could remember their names... but you know of the phenomenon here yes? You don't believe people like this would up their game a little (I assume they were finally eventually banded) by making multiple accounts from different IP addresses?

    Anyways there are two sides to this coin: you can give these likely parasites the benefit of the doubt.... but how about the people who are wasting time seriously responding to them? Do they at least get the benefit of someone saying that these posts are just baiting them?

    Unfortunately, your recent report has been rejected: Post in thread 'PLEASE HELP...Addiction takes me over and I cant control it' - Thank you for your report. It is not actionable at this time
    7:28 AM

    Unfortunately, your recent report has been rejected: Post in thread 'Fap or prostitute?' - Thank you for your report. It is not actionable at this time
    7:24 AM

    Your post in the thread Fap or prostitute? was deleted. Reason: Public accusations of trolling.
    7:23 AM
  12. PornFreeMe

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    I've encountered a few trolls here. The best thing to do is if you see some overtly sexualized paragraph or comment, avert your eyes and leave the thread. Don't continue to read. Trolls are as good a training ground as any other urge. You will face urges, trolls, and sexual content during your recovery. It might be a super hot woman in the grocery store, some super sexualized scene on TV, whatever. Trolls are just another face of this ugly disease, if you are in control, they're just curves or obstacles in the road! Move around 'em and keep going forward!
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  13. The OP and I are not talking about patently obvious trolls like that. Those get weeded out by the moderators pretty quickly. There is a more subtle level of trolling going on. People making fake accounts and baiting and provoking and trying to draw people into discussions that are nonsensical. I think this is pretty hard for people who are new at this.
  14. I'm aware of trolling, specifically in off-topic but have also seen it in Rebooting and Porn Addiction as well. Those types of people you can tell when they pick rubbish things that are sensitive topics to make people angry or stir emotions around, 'baiting' if you will. I don't know if it has increased or not but there's not a lot you can really do about it except report them and have administration look at it, and unfortunately those are harder to remove unlike blatant trolls.

    I've had people message me and try to act normal to "get to know me" only to find out they're either trolls, or desperate guys that are alone coming onto the site to prey on vulnerable women. I honestly put up with it as I'm used to trolls but I'll try and do a better job of reporting that behaviour, unfortunately it's not easy to spot though.

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  15. Jen@8675309

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    Report users or posts that you suspect of trolling, and the staff will investigate and take appropriate actions.

    Whenever more than 1 person gathers into a group on the Internet, so too will trolls. It's just how it is.
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  16. That doesn't appear to be the case though, in fact my comment warning other users that these might be fake was deleted.
    "Unfortunately, your recent report has been rejected: Post in thread 'PLEASE HELP...Addiction takes me over and I cant control it' - Thank you for your report. It is not actionable at this time"
    "Unfortunately, your recent report has been rejected: Post in thread 'Fap or prostitute?' - Thank you for your report. It is not actionable at this time"
    "Your post in the thread Fap or prostitute? was deleted. Reason: Public accusations of trolling."

    You might be oversimplifying; these aren't trolls in the typical or obvious sense. And there are different things that could be considered other than doing nothing. For instance, new users with less than 'x' legitimate posts would require a higher level of scrutiny before their posts can go live. I wouldn't be surprised if what we are talking about is one or two people with 50+ accounts who are enjoying the subterfuge they create.
  17. Yeah Jack, my warnings about such people were ignored or deleted. That shit sucks! :(

    But you cannot have another opinion to a moderator - didn't you know mate? They are never wrong! :rolleyes:
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  18. Right? Remember back in the old days when there were a few gradations between wimps and bullies? Where you could give someone a little power and they would do a little good? Now you give someone a toothpick and they start wielding it with an authority like you gave a Gatling gun to a prison guard in the Gulag.
  19. Yeah, for real.

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