Trouble meeting women, too much libido.

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Robotnickx, Apr 21, 2019.

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    I've been studying NoFap and actually managed to overcome porn addiction entirely. Don't watch it at all anymore and not tempted to. Problem is the experience most of you seem to have isn't happening for me at all.

    Since I've quit porn and fapping the result hasn't been flatline then confidence and not seeing women as sexual objects. What's happened is my testosterone shot through the fucking roof in an unexpected way. Dude's in the gym that juice are coming up to me and asking if I started a cycle, my physical strength is just skyrocketing but along with it my libido is at a permanent 100/100. I'm about 60 days in and it doesn't seem to be slowing down.

    The confidence and not seeing women as sexual objects isn't happening at all, in fact it's getting worse. I'm starting to see them more as sexual objects than I used to and it's killing my ability to talk with women because it's like 100% testosterone just fucking oozing out of my pores. I feel like I'm slowly morphing into a caveman, soon enough I'm going to look like the hulk if all I do is keep working out to try and let off steam from wanting to fuck every girl I see, if I don't workout I can't sleep and I just lay in bed wide awake sexually frustrated as heck. Advice or words of wisdom from anyone with similar experiences?
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    Hey man I havent had a similar experience like you . Im currently at Day 21 of hard nofap mode. I dont see woman as sexual objects like hardly/ and im not even interested in sex but ok( i guess im flatlining). Uhm i guess man my advice to you just start dating . Use that same drive to date different woman you find interesting. In the long run itll benefit you by you acquiring new experiences in your life. That can be a healthy outlet; dating women and have fun man. Hope my advice helps.
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    The problem for me is being over confident and playing hard to get. But not sure if that is good or not.

    I've had women look and smile at me in the gym, but I carry on with my workout after smiling and nodding back. I'm focused on myself knowing I'm not there to approach and get #'s. Working out to feel good, feel stronger and confident.

    Outside of the gym I'm the same way. I'm focused on the task at hand. Work, activities, focused on my friends and family. If I make eye contact with an random woman passing by I just greet them, smile, nod, etc. But I dont approach.

    Pretty much my mindset is that I'm not out there to seek an relationship. I'm not out there to play the game because I'm confident and happy with the things I'm doing post NoFap.

    At this point I feel like women should approach me if they want to know more about me. I'm not gona waste my energy to approach and find out if she's single, etc. when I can be feel happy doing the things I like, or spending time with friends.

    When women had approached me I find out if we clicked or not. So far no clicks, but not feeling desperate about it.
  4. Dag

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    Dude, you are so lucky!!

    Congrats, you sound like a supersayan.


    Why don't you start taking to woman?

    Don't beat yourself up or you are gonna end up back to porn.

    Try to talk to them. If one is up for a date then enjoy it.

    Enjoy all that badass testosterone you have on your vinking balls.

    If you are buff and ripped I'm sure you can release that energy with a cute girl in no time ;)
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  5. I think you misunderstood the effects of testestrone. More testestrone = more confidence = more girls. It is not possible to have a reverse affect on that since there are numerous scientific research on that. I believe your root of the problem is not testestrone but something else. You should analyze what is going on other than hormones(psychologically)
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  6. I also feel 10000% with you on this definitely not seeking it, but it would be nice just waiting for someone I could just click With.
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  7. Hah if I say "Bro" does it sound stupid in the first sentence, of course not :D
    But this is exactly like me, I've seen this one girl a couple of times in the gym and we always look at each other. I'm not sure if we have this "click" thing because we both seem to focus on our own things, but today we had longer looks, and so on.

    On the other hand, even though I'd love to have a relationship, I'm in a point of my life where I'm so focused on my own business, and important things for me. If I'd get into a relationship the other person should understand that time is a most valuable asset for me, and most of the time I use it to develop myself, and my business.

    Also, they should have similar interests and things in their mind.

    Thanks for listening, I wanted to let it out for someone. Thanks <3
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  8. Alaiza

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    Has this gotten better?

    The first days are the most difficult...

    Or perhaps you could try quitting pornography but masturbating once in a while?

    Also, you can try socializing with women on internet. Then you don't get worried about getting aroused at the moment, and you get to know them in different ways. In the way you meet new friends...
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    these are all benefits my friend
  10. legendsneverdie

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    this is the best mindset

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