Trouble with my crush

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  1. I'm about two weeks in (I don't use a counter) and I've spent my time in a summer job internship program and within this program I met this cute girl and I had a great time with her and some friends during the program and eventually my friends pushed me to let her know how I felt about her. I did, after some talking she told me she liked me a little. The program ended this week so I won't be seeing her as much.

    My Problem: I'm not sure why but I can seem to find that fun and confident side I had before she knew I liked her. Now I'm super depressed because I can't seem to find a good topic to talk about, Something that was easy for me to do before she knew I liked her. I'm not sure if my depression is being caused by my communication problem with her or the fact that I'm around two weeks clean. Please help me, how can I end this depression and go back to my funny and confident personality. I want to go on a date with her but I feel that if I do I'll just be boring and we'll have nothing to talk about.

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    Sorry to break it to you but i find brutal honesty works in these situations.

    You don't have a clue what women find attractive, how to act, what to do etc.

    Textbook clueless guy approach was taken and it's yielded the most predictable of results.

    What works to make you feel better?


    youtube > Corey wayne

    he has 100's of hours of material, consume it, learn it.

    his stuff + nofap will guarenteed produce results.

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