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    I’m having a problem.

    The all Nofap idea was to get rid of my PA to get our complicity back with my wife.

    Our communication is WAY better !!!

    Yet with all that sexual frustration I store in me, I find myself whining............ well, not exactly what I think about confidence and being a real man.

    Of course, porn is no no now.

    Yet I was thinking about masturbating from time to time to release that tension.

    I don’t want to do anything that could harm myself or take some bold decisions I would regret.

    So I come to you.

    What are you thoughts about it ?

    Thanks for your advises.

    Take care bros
  2. Hear you loud and clear. First, the communication with your wife puts you in the winners column in my book.

    Based on my own experience, I would argue that you should not give in to the temptation to masturbate.
    I have also given in a few times this year, sometimes with porn, sometimes not. Masturbating without porn, simply for the relief of stress is not helpful at all to me. I quickly regretted it. While I don't consider it a sin or some horrible thing, it's something that has diminished me.
    I figure that eventually I will give in and masturbate, and hopefully without porn. But I can anticipate how letdown and unsatisfied that will make me feel. And for me, that feeling lasts a couple of days.
    I do not think I am saying anything here that you have not realized or thought about before.
    Again, I would urge you find other ways to deal with the stress. Masturbation is a band aid solution that most of us immediately regret.
    I hope you found my response helpful in some way.
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    I would finish the 90 days challenge first.
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    Cuddle with your wife - you may think you need release but you probably just need connection.
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    Useful tips.

    Thanks bros.
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