Troubles on the 23th clean day

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by szistlove, Jul 22, 2015.

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    My day has been mixed but i can say that I am still clean.
    I've spent more than 3 weeks without porn so far and the last days I feel totally terrible.
    Some new problems turned up including a lot of fears, less self confidnet in work, etc.
    But the biggest problem is... depression: I felt awful, I did't want to exist /I don't wanted to commit suicide or stg but just felt very 'neutral'/. I was so sad, I had't got any good thoughts, lost my enthusiasm in everything, lost my aims and almost gave up everything... totally upset...
    I knew that it was the affect of not watching porn but I didn't care of coure. and I knew that a relapse would be much awful :/
    About an hour ago I had sex with my boyfriend and I didn't enjoy it so much :/ when I used to had an orgasm to porn, my ejaculation was amazing but this last 'coming' was only a bit joyful.
    I new this is just an after.affect, too, my nervous system's reacton to withdrawning porn and its high-stimuli it gave... I hope once I can enjoy having sex in its fullness :/
    maybe I should try tantric sex?
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    Try taking 5-HTP. It's an OVC supplement...I take a 200mg time release. It is very noticeable how much it improves my mood. I usually take it halfway through the morning as needed (never ever more than the recommended amount!!) so I don't take it daily (and you shouldn't).

    A word of warning, while it suppresses your appetite it makes you a little bit carefree especially later in the day. I wouldn't take it unless you're 110% committed to nofap and are around other people (until you can gauge your body's reaction to it). I've read it gives some people headaches at first, but I never experienced it.
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    The depression, irrational thoughts and general lowness of mood is something I can totally relate to when I gave up PMO. Are you also feeling randomly exhausted and find your sleep pattern is affected?

    I can encourage you that it does pass, but gosh I know it's painful when you're in the middle of it!

    Hold on to the fact that it's you getting over it - it's another withdrawal symptom, which means it's working.

    Ride it out, I promise you it will get easier - don't relent and keep going! Keep us posted.
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    yes, how did you know that? :D in the last couple of days I am terribly tired!!! At work my collegues asked me why was I so tired in the whole day , "are you ill or something?" but how could I tell them that I just left the habit of watching porn?!
    By the way it it very hard to fell asleep. I am up in my bed for hours and my mind wandering about a lot of things - but not 'daydreaming' about other guys and porn! - and of course in the daytime i am exhausted.
    I will NOT give up and I am very very proud of myself what I have reached so far. It is a great achievement.
    I decaded to rearrange my whole days, my life in all. I guess I have reached some another step of freedom. Now I can suspect how much energy I have that I have wasted so far and this energy can be saved for creativity.
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    Great post! You're definitely on the right track! The lowness of mood and feeling tired will definitely pass - it's just a symptom of withdrawal.

    I had exactly the same thing - as I said, it was one of the most difficult aspects of abstaining that I felt.

    But it feels so much better when you get through it, and I admire your 'Can-do' approach! Hold on to that!

    Keep it up.

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