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    What is the true purpose of nofap?

    Some context:
    I started with nofap 8 months ago. I thought that pmo 2-3 times a week was alot and wanted to see what if i didn't do it for 90 days. I never made it to the 90 days, but it gave me alot of insides about porn and masturbation.

    It changed my view on those subjects, but I'm still not sure what the true purpose of NoFap is. Doing hard mode only let you think about it more, which resulted in pmoing more in some weeks. Like 6 times instead of the normal 2-3 times. It also didn't solve the "talk to girls" problem. Even if i didn't pmo for a few weeks. It's quite the opposite. The sexual desire goes away and unless you want a platonic relationship. You need sexual desire for a "normal" relationship.

    So what is the true purpose of nofap?

    About this topic and answers
    This topic is to get an inside what other people think about the true purpose of nofap. With the answers I can expand my mindset and evaluate my nofap process so far!
  2. Many people here are posting things about "why don't you just go outside, go lift some weights or something". Or generally making Nofap look more of a bodybuilding thingy rather than focusing on other methods of abstaining. The thing is, if porn destroyed your favorite thing in life, focus on recovering that.
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    NoFap is about resetting your sexual functions and related tidbits... So why does anyone object to associating physical exercise to NoFap... I can't understand... Healthy sexual functions do not occur inside an unhealthy body! Period.

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