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  1. Just done

    Just done Fapstronaut

    Watched the democratic debate cause i was terribly bored. The dead democratic party is insane as always!

    TRUMP 2020!
  2. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

    Didn't watch, but I heard the leftists made some pretty crazy statements.
  3. [​IMG]
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  4. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    You beat me to make this thread. Trump 2020 :emoji_flag_um:. The left is crazy right now.
  5. I liked the dem debate when the mods spoke Spanish to the candadates who spoke spanish to the viewers. Never was I more proud to be an American!
  6. Do you have a moment to talk about your future and the future of our great land? Does free energy derived from zombies on rat wheels appeal to you? Then you are in luck! Dont just get a president in 2020 vote in the only leader that is Supreme! Vermin Supreme!
  7. SolitaryScribe

    SolitaryScribe Fapstronaut

    Honestly at this point I don't really care... I don't like trump and I don't like liberals... Everyone sucks!
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  8. Vote Supreme friend! Take heart and choose the friendly fascist!
  9. I can't stand Trump, and I think he is the biggest idiot to ever enter the White House. I also think he is completely full of pride, and would love nothing more than to knock him off his self-made pedestal by kicking him out of office.


    My main concerns are with abortion and freedom of speech. I am 100% pro-life, pro-freedom of speech, and also against the attack on reality and the whole "safe space" identity politics culture, where a "nonbinary" man cries when a trans woman tells him he isn't trans, and everybody rushes to make sure his feelings aren't hurt by being told the truth. (Just saw this happen on a video yesterday, smh)

    So I'm conflicted. I am torn between not voting at all, or reluctantly voting for Trump. I just wish he would shift his focus to abortion instead of border control, because in my opinion, that issue is far more pressing and important. But he's not going to do that, so idk. I can't stand him, but I also can't stand the thought of electing someone who thinks it's totally cool to murder babies. So idk what to do.
  10. That is a completly acceptible view. Of course Trump is self serving but there are bigger things at stake. If enough people stay home who were otherwise dem voters we got this.
  11. I don't know if the allegations of sexual assault are true but it boggles my mind how anyone can support Trump if those allegations are true. With that in mind, I'm not perfect and I have my fair share of issues and problems, (heck I'm on a porn recovery website for crying out loud) so I guess I can't judge a guy like that given my own issues but I really don't understand how anyone can support such a man if those allegations are true even if the alternative is also pretty bad or worse. BTW, this post is not directed at any particular person in this thread so please don't attack me or get offended if you think this post is aimed at you... I'm not judging anyone but just stating my opinion. It might be unfair generalizing but just about all politicians seem to be corrupt anyway and hardly seem to get anything done, I personally wouldn't support anyone if I were an American but to each their own.
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  12. Well that's not going to happen... Democrats are definitely going to vote. I think the numbers, in general, are going to be higher than ever, because Trump has really made more people invested in politics that never cares before. Myself included.
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  13. People will, yes your right. I'm worried POTUS will loose and we will have more abortions in this country but he always suprises me.
  14. Fausterity

    Fausterity Fapstronaut

  15. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    You are very reasonable, and I get what you are saying here. I know a lot of people that reluctantly voted for trump, which is, if you want my opinion, what I recommend doing. 600,000 infants killed every year, thats too many for me. The left is becoming a slaughterhouse for children and is becoming increasingly removed from reality. I feel, at least for me, that its my duty to vote republican for the millions of infants that have been/will be killed, not to mention to preserve free speech and faith, family dynamics, and common sense.
  16. The only candidate fit to lead in these troubled times.
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  17. Absolutely! Free ponies for all, and a robust dental health platform! Tell me...what is Trump doing to fix our nation's cavities?! What do the democrats offer in the way of truly benevolent fascism?! VOTE SUPREME!!!!!
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  18. I also hear that he is turning people gay at the command of Jesus. I mean, how can you *not* vote for power and dedication like that?

  19. The man stands on principles. Someone has to increase the gays in this country, they have trouble reproducing one on one. At least if that's the "science" you believe in....

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