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  1. Freedom versus equality leaves all enslaved.

    Trump is an idiot, he has pushed for his agenda and done so with a reduced cabinet and reduced state representatives across the world (which he was lambasted for as ppl retired or quit). However it just shows how bloated the government can be, less wasteful— is good. Some of the best upstanding and smart people are poor presidential candidates... consider al gore, jimmy carter, or mitt Romney, Jesse Jackson...

    Dems= equality
    Reps = freedom

    I admire the moral views—- barring a war with Iran , what is the election going to be about ? The economy.

    I am pro freedom of speech and religion; big proponent of separation of church and state .

    I’m an independent and too libertarian than I ought to be.

    Couldn’t care less about social welfare programs to help when they rarely do.

    Don’t care about the UN or about foreign aid, honestly I have never voted for anyone who became president. lol kinda proud of that fact; 2020 might be the first time the electoral college gets exposed with more people voting in places that disproportionately favors the candidate they oppose.

    All I do care about is fixing the stupid self-inflicted trade war and tit for tat with China, nafta, Mercosur, cafta, and caricom.

    If we need to spend money we don’t have, then why not Pay ourselves by reducing our debts??

    If we want to really splurge what we don’t have we can focus on nation building in our hemisphere than the wall. Let’s go take out Maduro and renegotiate our 50% buying power of Venezuelan oil, help the people of both countries??

    As a Oklahoma native living in Texas, I speak 4 languages so having a candidate master one is pathetic in 2020; two languages... whooptidodah. You have to speak Spanish to order food in half the country no Brownie points earned for doing that—- sorry; especially for our local idiot (Beto). That’s what the primary education system calls “basic graduation requirements .”
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  3. Basically they promised everyone welfare and promised to flood the country with illegals. My favorite part was when that one guy promised to fight for the right for transwomen(biological males with clip on tits) to have abortions and hearing how loud that brainless audience clapped 1:17 .
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  4. I'm not partisan and I think both sides are equally useless but I have to say the left has surpassed the right in terms of crazyness and bad leadership.

    I also have to disagree with your assertion that the left is about equality. The left is for special privilleges for protected classes and persecutes everyone who disagrees with them. I know this is just one example but this kind of highlights their hipocracy. The left will get behind persecution and racist treatment of anyone who doesnt agree with them.
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  5. Very good points.

    Yep. I don’t disagree just a poi t of clarity . The left, liberalism and the dems are usually aligned but not necessarily synonymous

    In other words it’s a spectrum so the farther you the more radical you get —the more liberal.

    The socialist or even more radical aspects of the Democratic Party used to more discrete, I was giving a generalization—that the party “claim “ they stand for equality since lbj and civil rights era.
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  6. In my opinion Trump is just another puppet on string that continues the legacy of cruel american imperialism. I am not an american, but it doesn't take too much to see that both sides are financed by the same "institution" - deep state. Sure, both sides might have different ideologies at surface, but the core of it leads to the same outcome.

    You know, it astounds me that USA is more divided than lets say compared to 15 years ago. You should be asking yourself why is everything going down so rapidly from morality to everything else ...
    There's a good quote by Franklin D. Roosvelt - "Presidents are selected, not elected" there's a specific agenda each president has to fill imo. Such agenda doesn't really go in hand to a regular human being, like me and you.
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  7. I understand what you mean. Equality is their PR positioning.

    I used to consider myself a liberal Democrat. It's sort of weird to see myself agreeing with the right and voting for a republican president. The dems are talking nothing but crazy bullshit these days. I also used to believe that the republican was the party of Rich racist white people and the dems stood up for the marginalized and the Black people and the downtrodden but now I understand that all these welfare programs and safety net programs( which I feel are very valuable) are being misused to by the left to impose classism and socialism.
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  8. The issue for me is that Trump doesn't seem to care about abortion, to me. He hasn't really done much in regards to that. So if there was a Republican candidate who cared more about that than about the stupid border patrol crap, then I would much rather they be in charge.
  9. To the Americans in this thread, can anyone run against Trump as the Republican nominee or is it impossible for anyone else other than Trump to be the nominee since he's eligible for a second term and is already in power?
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  10. There will certainly be other republican candidates running against trump but not just anyone. They need approval from the republican party.
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  11. Yes actually it’s a good question. the republican ticket is not lockstep with trump but getting someone to unseat a sitting president as the chief of the party is more of a popularity contest and political haggling than a paper trail to a presidency.

    It would require another billionaire who can fundraise a whole new source of donors. Not very plausible given there is no issue that motivates people stronger than the current hot topics.

    I hear you @Castielle

    Who did you imagine could be fiscally conservative , and a genuine advocate for pro-life?
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  12. I'm not sure I understand the question. I don't follow politics closely enough to give you a name of a specific person I like or something. But I don't see how being both fiscally conservative and pro-life is difficult, so... I would imagine anyone would be capable of it, if that's how they align.
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  13. Just done

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    It's being built right now.
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    There's a ton of reasons to vote for trump.
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    The allowing millions of illegals and giving them unlimited health care, should already make trump win!
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    There trying to ruin the country. I've never seen a more bigger group of idiots in my entire life!
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    They sure did!
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    He may not be the most smartest person. But he's doing a great job as president! In my opinion that's all that matters.
  19. Clarifying : how would a candidate strong on fiscal and moral issues get elected if the moral stance is not galvanizing for their voters?

    Trump is aligned with moral authorities —evangelicals on the right like dr. Dobson and—-the “pastor” I personally cannot stand—- “pastor Jeffries” here in 1st Baptist Dallas as part of his spiritual advisors.

    I put his title in air quotes because he actively uses his pulpit for more political than theological reasons: This kind of speech blending religion and politics gives us taliban in Pakistan, the Muslim brotherhood in Egypt, and radicalization of otherwise docile religious believers in Jamaica, Trinidad for much more serious issues, not to mention homegrown acts of violence.

    Why ignore it only because he shares my faith?

    Additionally he was quite vociferous in his attack of mitt Romney solely for being a Mormon. He repeated the word “cult” just to demagogue him. I would label him a hate speech advocate. Even so, all this is why social issues are less embraced as trump and most New Yorkers do not claim to be strong social conservatives.

    Republicans claim to be traditionally (since Nixon and Reagan) 3 things: 1. socially conservative/traditional family values oriented,
    2. fiscally conservative— reducing bloating and swamp, and
    3. hawkish or pro military.

    The 3 -legged stool If the party today only has 2 legs. This is why trumpian politics was said might split or destroy the Republican Party and it’s Caucusing power. That does not appear to have happened.

    Candidates from liberal parts of the country struggle to get elected on all three legs —- many times social conservative platforms gets sacrificed to get in power.

    Tancredo from Pennsylvania is an example of a candidate that drifts into primarily a social conservative and loses most of their voting populace as a result. Same for pat buchannan.

    On the other side you have “Republicans” like Arnold Schwarzenegger in socially liberal states lol. Trump. Etc. Republicans in name only aka Rino’s.

    If the issue is galvanizing then you can see a ground swell. Today’s politics are issue oriented more so than party. The issue drives the ppl to register for a party, then the party is supposed to give compelling reasons for the voters to the polls.
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    Tulsi Gabbard is hot. That's all I have to say.

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