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  1. But having that overarching power doesn't seem to have helped the people but only given the govt a monopoly of control that stifles the freedoms of the people and fosters corruption among other issues. I get that some of the states might possibly want to go solo and break up the Union but consolidation of power doesn't seem to have helped the people.
  2. Its even worse than that. Pissing off the states too much and consolidating too much power will almost guarantee states will want to start breaking off.
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  3. @Brokenman123 why does England want out of the EU? Too much consolidation of power?
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  4. Exactly. It has the opposite effect of what it intended. The irony of it is amazing.
    Yeah I would say that we want to do our own thing and the EU is preventing that... they hold too much power over us and limit our freedoms.
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  5. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

    I heard somewhere that Texas wants out...
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  6. Yep. You beat me to it !

    Texas is the one state that could leave (fiscally speaking ).

    California is the only state that should leave... with its debts.

    Texas is the only state that used to be its own country anyway.

    But I think these things are pipe dreams only designed to give states more rights.
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  7. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

    With that, I agree. California has a lot of frivolous issues.
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  8. I always thought California might be better off splitting between North and South like the Dakotas or the Carolinas. The cultures and environments are arguably pretty different.

    I mean OC politics are a tad different then Berkeley.
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    LEPAGE Fapstronaut

    Who would be the funniest challenger? Bill "My Black Son" Deblasio? Mayor Buttplug? Lickenpooper? Fauxcahontas?

    Honestly, even if you hate Trump, you have to admit the Democratic pool of candidates is only one midget short of a full blown circus, with a full geek act to boot.
  10. I'd vote for Kanye if he ran, maybe Beyonce as vice president.
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  11. If only mark cuban would run ... as a third party candidate and dismantle the whole electoral college system in the process
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  12. Randy

    Randy Fapstronaut

    If you look at what states contribute to the federal goverment through tax revenue and what states get in contributions from the federal government, you might be surprised. Turns out that states like California, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts give more than they get, while the states of the south take more than the give. Google it if you don't believe me. Middle America and the South are sponging off of California and the Northeast.
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  13. Both are important
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  14. You should take your own advice there, bud. You're on the wrong side of history.
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  15. Another good reason to reduce the Fed.
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  16. I'm from NorCal, and I 100% agree. It's already being proposed. But the problem is, as far as I've heard, the cut off would still keep San Fran and the bay area in the upper region. which doesn't make sense to me. That area has much more in common, politically, with LA than with the tiny little conservative towns in NorCal.
  17. Good point actually.

    But we (Texas) also lead the charge in refusing to accept the Obama/federal healthcare subsidies and the Medicare handouts that other states gobble up. We have oil too... What does California have ? Wind turbines? Solar farms ?

    That’s a joke ppl. lol.

    We also do not have state income tax. Most of us don’t complain ...

    We have some of the lowest unemployment in the country, and we have what we call “californication”, where our Cali brothers come here and buy up property which helps to replicate the California real estate mess most of them created and are escaping.

    I’m just saying all of y’all might miss us, but everyone won’t miss California. Well I’ll miss Arnold Schwarzenegger lol.
  18. That seems pretty harsh. I live in California, so... I would be effected greatly by what you're suggesting. There are a lot of great people who live in California and have made tons of contributions to our country.
  19. Lol! That's interesting. I always had it reversed. I assumed SoCal is Reagan, pro military Camp Pendalton marine territory and wholesome Beach Boys Americana. It was the SF bay area, Palo Alto tech liberals I assumed were far left.
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  20. I mean, obviously it's all just generalization, but I feel like LA and San Fran areas are both really liberal. Whereas where I'm from, way up north, is not like that at all. It's also just really different because both of those areas are such big cities, and once you pass the bay area, going north, the whole state is pretty much all farm land and stuff. So I feel like San Fran and LA should stay together.
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