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  1. LaFlame92100

    LaFlame92100 Fapstronaut

    I just want to point that if you care about the lives of kids that much with abortion... how can u support trump when he doesnt do shit concerning climate change? He wants to bring the coal industry back... the effects off climate change will be devstating in 30-40 years and everyone expect the super rich will be effected. How can you support trump , who doesnt care about our workds furure?
  2. Just done

    Just done Fapstronaut

    I see your point about abortion, i'm highly against it. But just because trump doesn't talk about it, doesn't mean he's not against it. The dems support late term abortion! Which trump doesn't! Also on coal, i agree that we should stop using coal and start using solar energy. But i also think it's a minor point.
  3. Hros

    Hros Fapstronaut

    As I see it, the USA is moving towards a greener future. The big problem is other countries, that don't care about green living and the atmosphere and what not. Russia, China, etc.

    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    Environmentally-friendly energy isn’t as easy as simply shutting down coal, although everyone makes it sound like it is. If you look at the chemical properties, production, viability, lifespan, etc of batteries and other machinery made for solar energy, wind power, hydroelectricity, etc (as we know it today), you’d see they are massive land polluters. So now you have the environmental damage of coal, yet not the sustainability of coal.

    The best bet going forward is hydrogen gas, but even that needs a primary source of energy to produce.
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  5. I think we are gearing up for a climate change debate that will be bruising.

    Personally , I LOVE that as a country we aren’t bound by the playground peer pressure click of g20, or the Paris accords to make substantial changes.

    In fact , I think it’s the best thing trump has done and I still never would or will vote for him.

    Here’s why: being conservative in government or regulations is more important that being liberal on regulations.

    Think of what pulling out achieved : when trump pulled out, he is giving the STATES the ability to make customized energy plans to save the environment or not. If he requires it, then Everyone has to artificially meet another country’s standards. The states who believed in the g20 standards made commitments to reign in their emissions. The states that didn’t give a fart about it, did not. Everyone wins.

    I think given how much power has already shifted to the federal government it’s nice to see a change where we the people have more say instead of a centralized government
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    MLMVSS Fapstronaut

    The Paris climate accord was non binding (or in other words, virtue signaling of course). World leaders just got together to crease something that will make them feel good. It literally had no use. Yet despite being out of it, the US lowered its rate of carbon output.

    Also, it deals with CO2 which is weak and it eventually caps out on its effect as a GHG. Methane, N2O, sulfur-based gases and CFCs are much more concerning and can actually have a detrimental effect on global warming, yet Paris accords don’t even focus on those because they don’t result from energy sources (methane is burned off during energy production).

    They don’t care about the environment, else they’d have more community outreach like protecting the forests, or in the case of India, planting millions of trees in 24 hours.

    AGW isn’t even fully understanded or reliably projected, yet garbage in our oceans (which is well-documented) still remains there with nothing being done about it directly. If that remains a problem, I sure don’t trust the world governments on AGW.

    They don’t care about the environment or the planet. They just want political points and a feel-good signal of virtue.
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  7. It’s hard to discuss the issues when the background chatter is so filled with hyperbole but you nailed it.
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  8. AntiFacistWarlord

    AntiFacistWarlord New Fapstronaut

    Supporting the same individual that a mass shooter supports says a lot about you.
    Trump is a racist and a Bully. It's a shame that Americans still support his far right policies.

    I wish Americans like yourself would stand up for yourself, and realise that Trump is a corporate shill and a Bully.
    He is friends with dictators and psychopaths. He sells weapons to countries that mass murder children in Yemen.

    Heres a challenge, say why you dislike liberals without saying Obama, Hillary, Muslims or Immigrants
  9. AntiFacistWarlord

    AntiFacistWarlord New Fapstronaut

    Read this conservatives.

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  10. Abortion
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  11. AntiFacistWarlord

    AntiFacistWarlord New Fapstronaut

    Conservatives put kids in cages and split their families.
    You can disagree with abortion, but completely taking the right to have one away, which in turn ruins lives, is selfish.
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  12. The mothers or the baby's life is ruined?
  13. AntiFacistWarlord

    AntiFacistWarlord New Fapstronaut

    Both. Multiple studies show that abortion restriction will do more harm then good.
  14. That right we do. You know why??? because USA is the biggest world destination for child sex trafficing. Many of thoes children are in danger of their so-called families.
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  15. Only if you think a baby should ever be aborted
  16. I've never been a fan of Trump. I like Sanders policies more. I believe he's the man Americans like myself should support.
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  17. Gotch

    Gotch New Fapstronaut

    As someone who has friends who's grandparents died in socialist regimes,you are a disgrace
    Bernie sanders won't change anything. He will remove freedom of speech for conservatives and give it all to individuals like yourself
    Sanders is a corporate shill
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  18. Gotch

    Gotch New Fapstronaut

    "there is strong evidence to suggest that Bernie was also aided by the Russians during the 2016 campaign. The "Berniebros" debacle aside, Russian nationals and businesses also sponsored his campaign through donations and may have helped him create his grassroots campaign image by bolstering his numbers. No candidate running on the Democratic side should be in any way tainted by Russian influence otherwise Republicans can simply point at us and say that we're no different from them."
    Stop supporting sanders!
  19. Yep. Providing healthcare and education? Only Stalin would suggest something like that!
    Source: Hillary Clinton's twitter, apparently.
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  20. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    Obama built the cages I believe. Also, anyone who commits a crime is separated from their children. Same story here. Not only that, but a ton of these kids were being abused and SHOULD be removed from their so-called families.

    Aside, I hate kids being put in cages, which is why we need a wall in the first place.

    Selfish my ass. I simply don't support infanticide. If you think women should be able to kill their kids at will, you are the selfish one.
    1: abortion and a few other reasons
    2: every reason in the world
    3. You're wrong. Thats a complex question. We don't dislike muslims. We dislike terrorism (such as your weak organization) and some muslims happen to be terrorists.
    4. Wrong again. America is a country of immigration, and that's part of what makes it great. However, 2 things:
    1; You have to come in LEGALLY
    2; We aren't fans of crime, and opening the borders would open easy direct drug routes straight into the states. It should be organized at least somewhat by merit.
    If you meet these criteria, come on in.

    Way to exhibit your maturity:emoji_clap:
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