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  1. Bashka.

    Bashka. New Fapstronaut

    Trump has eroded a lot of unwritten norms that we're really going to miss now that they're gone. For example, the thing where presidents sell or cease to participate in businesses that might involve conflict of interest. The thing where presidents don't call for their political opponents to go to jail. Or communicate policy goals in 240 characters or less that change daily and cannot be depended upon. Or dehumanize other races and cultures by calling them "animals" and retweeting memes by white nationalists.

    Maybe this all seems minor now, but it opens the doors for WAY worse things in the future.

    His border separation policy under Trump is his fault. he directed other actors in border patrol world to be cruel to families in order to deter crossing.

    Imagine if it was you, and your family was taken from you. Would you have hate in your heart following that? I would. This makes us less safe and might breed terrorism in our neighboring countries.

    There is a phenomenal number of appointments that a president needs to fill and he hasn’t filled literally hundreds of positions across the various departments, incredibly unusually a year and a bit in.

    He’s also filled his cabinet with people who aren’t just incompetent, but also corrupt. Just to list a few;

    -Head of Health and Human Services fired for using private jets

    -EPA director in scandal over private jets, and for spends tens of thousands on a sound proof phone booth.

    -Secretary of the treasury in trouble for getting the military to fly him around

    -Head of the VA in trouble for charging a vacation to Europe with his wife as an office expense

    -HUD Secretary in scandal for illegally using office money to by a $31,000 table

    -Head of the CDC, caught trading cigarette stocks while also being in charge of managing anti-smoking campaigns.

    -Secretary of the Interior awarded a no-bid contract for rebuilding Puerto Rico’s electrical grid to a two-employee company from his very small town, which his son had interned at.

    So overall, it’s a catastrophe. Many of those would be scandals which would be the main story for weeks and would be a constant talking point, but there are just so many ethical scandals from Trump’s people that it’s impossible to keep track of it all. He’s either a terrible judge of character, or he just doesn’t care. It’s likely he just thinks taking advantage like that is just one of the perks of the job.
  2. brilliantidiot

    brilliantidiot Fapstronaut

    You guys have been calling for trump to go to jail since he was elected. And some of these people actually deserve to go to jail. Look at hillary, look at the fbi, etc.

    I don't know what you are talking about here but it seems trivial if it is clear.
    Please explain what trump has said that "dehumanizes other races". I would be the first to object to that kind of thing but I just don't see it. "Racist" is becoming more of an empty accusation every day as it is so overused by the left.

    Are you talking about MS-13? If so, he doesn't mean that they are not humans, he means that they are ruthless and beast-like in their actions, which they are. Facts can't be racist.

    Which memes? Are the memes themselves racist? Thought not.
    That isn't 100% logical. A white nationalist is still capable of making a non-racist meme.

    Source please.

    I doubt I would have hate in my heart seeing as I would have taken into account the fact that I was illegally sneaking in and would have accepted the risks of doing so. As for your conclusion, mexico doesn't want all of its citizens leaving. It has troops at the border as well as the US. The thing that makes the US less safe is drug routes and open borders, not the anger of mighty mexico.

    Left there by Obama. Its GREAT! Now conservatives will have incredible power even after Trump. Trump has appointed more judges in 200 days then the last obama, bush, and clinton. Source:

    Want to talk about corruptness? What about bill clinton flying on the lolita express to orgy island 26 times? What about the Fbi? What about emailgate? At the very least, both sides are corrupt.
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  3. light&light

    light&light Fapstronaut

    Brother just curious, as a fapstronout how do you see Trump,s miss universe organization?
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  4. vxlccm

    vxlccm Fapstronaut

    My Journal
    Anyone else watch the debate last night?

    1. For those that aren't voting Trump, who do you want against him?

    2. Any of you Republicans, who'd you like to see Trump win against?

    Me, I'd like to see Warren because it's a clear referendum on red vs blue which Trump was able to win last time and I'd much rather see him there 4 more years. Since he was able to get the best of Hillary, it seems work a re-do of much the same if Dems [unwisely] pick Warren.

    All these polls the media cited were so very wrong last time. So, I could care less what the polls say, especially this early in the game. AND, even that media presence is less respected. There's a lot better free thought these days, less people watching TV and proactively getting news online from more respectable sources.
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