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  1. eagle rising

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    I like this perspective. I had never thought of it from that perspective. I will remember that. But, this is an ideal situation. The riches remain in the hands of a very tiny subset of the population and every else, more or less, has to live the struggle.

    However, with respect to politicians I am more inclined to believe that they understand the toils of being a "commoner" and therefore will work to provide support for them.... But, then again, now that I put some more thought towards it, many politicians are corrupt. Perhaps this is what TheBigJ was alluding to when he said that a democracy is the worse. Interesting!
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  2. All politicians are corrupt. And why should commoners decide about things they have no grasp over? Can you imagine the worst kind of person, a true rat. A despicable person who hasn't achieve a single thing in his life going through it leeching from others, has the same amount of votes (1) as you. That is insulting towards anyone who respects him or herself even a bit. It's all a big lie. Like our economic system, a big debt lie. If common folk really understood how money works there would be a revolution tomorrow (can't remember who said that).
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  3. eagle rising

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    @TheBigJ Well, that is what education is for. That is why a leader should be chosen by the people, not voted for based on his aspirations to be a ruler. Chosen, as in someone who has the right characteristics, who has a heart of gold and whom is wise. That is to say that a group of people who see the good acts of this person go up to him or her and say you must be our leader (not ruler). Someone who would never want to be a ruler but to be a leader inside. The way the US democracy is set up is that someone wants power, so we're like okay what do you offer? Right off the bat this is the wrong way of going about things.
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  4. SickSicko

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    The idea of everyone having a vote is historically a new quite recent thing, not even in the greek democracy was like that, I personally think is a way to be able to turn result in your favor by getting votes of easy to manipulate, uncultured people.
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  5. AtomicTango

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    The more time goes on the more I start to think Robert Heinlein was onto something with the way the government works in Starship Troopers. In the book you are only allowed to vote if you serve in the military (although I think there are other methods to acquire it but the book isnt specific on that detail) and this has created a society ruled by people who have civic duty drilled into them and are essentially immune to corruption. Sure the society is ostensibly "fascist" but its also shown to be a borderline utopia before the bugs attack. Its almost like the society Palpatine tricked Anakin into helping him create in Star Wars, except in the case of Starship Troopers the leadership is genuinely benevolent.
  6. SickSicko

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    That guy was a genious, military requirement aside, as you said it could be any other thing, the idea of having to meet certain criteria and civic duty to be able to vote, the idea of having a control over natality, the idea of a criteria to meet in order to be able to become a politician, yeah.... none of that is against a bening leadership, is just strict in pro of a better society.

    I know countless people that don't give a damn about politics or economics and just vote like they are supporting their football team, some even don't vote, I know parents that cannot take care of themselves let alone raise a kid, I see people that get into politics just because they want "to get to suck from the state tit" caring only about themselves and with no real commitment...

    Heinlein was right...
  7. Assuming that everyone is well educated. Which is naive to think that it is, or would be the case in any scenario. As you can see in today's world. In the Western world people are so dumb even though they get education. Why is that? Because the education system is ruled by politicians (really the puppet masters) and they will do anything, even dumb down people by "education", to gain more and more power.

    Well Fascism is such a spooky word nowadays. Over half of the stuff said about Fascism are lies. I wonder why.
  8. eagle rising

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    @TheBigJ Yes, the education is shit in the US. It is completely horrendous, it teaches nothing of value. It only teaches obedience. The dumbing down of education has been a huge success for the elite! The US education system is bested by dozens of other countries. I agree politicians are corrupt, and they have wronged the people by way of greed and thirst for power.

    I still stand by the fact that education is important and can bring about a more conscientious populace. But not the current way it is set up in the US.
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  9. AtomicTango

    AtomicTango Fapstronaut

    Democracy is seen as being the best of a bad option, but its basically a more organised mob rule with a small group at the top manipulating those beneath, I'm not sure how that is better than other systems. Not to mention it doesnt even work as intended, as every time a vote goes one way or another the side that lost cant accept it and spend all their time blockading the side that did win from doing anything (see: the Brexit vote, and most US elections in recent years) and when the vote is so overwhelming it hands one side basically total power, they ignore everything they were voted in to do and just do what they want without fear of legitimate reprisal.
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  10. No the school system is bad everywhere. And I know it because my country's school system is said to be the best in the whole world (one of the Nordic countries). And it's very bad even in here. The modern school system, which is used in every Western country and probably every country in the world, was designed by the Prussian military state. Military state. Let me say it once more, military state. What do you think a military state would require from it's people? Complete submission and loyalty to the state. Ok in Prussia it was in good hands but what happens when it gets to wrong hands (i.e. the chosen tribe)? Well this post-modern mess that we have right now happens.
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  11. newstartolife

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    Has anyone seen how Twitter is flagging his posts as being 'manipulated media' now?
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  12. Finland?
  13. ShadyPerson

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    Propably yes, since one of his profile posts mentions Gettomasa, which is a finnish artist.
  14. Yes
  15. SilenceDogood

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    This is why Pornography is being pushed into our society; so people don't care about the election, and they don't care how the government is screwing them over. The Two-party system has been a failure for so long now, that it doesn't make sense to vote for it anymore.

    Our nation is controlled by puppet masters, and we willingly obey to their servitude. What do they do to keep us distracted? They give us Porn, Smartphones, and they turn politics into some comical gimmick that the people believe in without any doubts. I could never muster myself to vote Democrat, and I don't think I'll ever vote for a republican either because they both are run by the puppet masters.
  16. This reminds me of what George Bush Sr. said about the American people killing his family if they ever found out what they'd done to the country.

    What you said about Fascism being a spooky word is interesting, too. People don't even know what the word means. They think it refers to Mussolini, but the definition is 'government by corporations', and when you consider that The Crown is a corporation, the whole thing looks pretty humorous. Sick, but humorous.
  17. GhostRider@11

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    Henry Ford - It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.

    The reverse is also true, politicians are dependent on big companies and rich people for donation to stand in next election, to control media, advertisement etc, so even if a loyal government comes into power, they can never take actions freely(tbh, no government is loyal). Instead they work for those companies, many times going against people of country, their only goal is to suck each and every penny out of voters pocket and provide more and more benefit to these companies. And as if that was not enough politicians are always in constant fear that they might loose next election, that's why instead of serving people they choose to earn as much as possible. Whatever good things which is not destroyed by these big companies, is later destroyed by politicians.
    I think if a prince is given proper education, monarchy is the best form of government, the training of a prince should start from early age like in case of samurai's. Proper education will produce a good king. Or if someone is against monarchy, then there should be ban on any type of advertisement during or before election, something like a online site should be available where people can go and check what they have done earlier and decide on their own, and ruling period for democracy should also be increased.
    I hate those governments which call themselves servant of public and by the end of their term become richer than most of the people.

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