Trump Won! Thank God

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  1. Abortion should be illegal and again I don't know about that either.
    Also, other people impose their beliefs on people like in America, Roe v. Wade and legalising homosexuality - very abominable.
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  2. It doesn't matter if it is a fetus, it is a living being, I can't believe people are supporting murder.
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  3. Thank you. Totally agree. Similar to what I wrote.
  4. Son_of_Iroquois

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    Yeah, it was a different time UNTIL the enlightenment happened. Without the enlightenment we'd still be in that time of lawless superstition.

    If you want, take an example from the modern era. How about this:

    This kind of stuff is what happens when fundamentalist Christians get to run the show.

    Well, you believe that your savior was executed and then came back to life. You believe that a virgin was somehow impregnated by the Holy Spirit and never actually had sex with a man. You believe in angels with wings, burning bushes that talk, vast bodies of water that magically separate to let Moses through. You have the right to believe all that, but to me it sounds like superstitious nonsense.

    They're different in many respects, but both are obsessed with controlling women.

    Depends what sect you ask. Some Christians believe that man was born with original sin and has no free will.

    You don't have to like homosexulaity. Nobody is forcing you to like it. But under the law you don't have the right to treat certain groups differently with regards to your business dealings, etc. That's called discrimination and is unconstitutional.

    Come to America, you'll meet quite a few.

    Alright, so I can assume you are a vegan who doesn't eat meat. Also, you have never harmed any living thing. When you talk like that you sound like a Jain.
  5. You are entitled to your own opinion.
  6. That is what Latter Day Saints believe, they manipulated the Bible. I don't believe in that.
  7. No it is not. Islam is not Christianity. Again, since God gave everyone free will, then no one can be controlled. I'm Christian, I don't believe in controlling women.
  8. Well then why are people who don't support LGBT values, ostracized?

    And actually gay people target Christian businesses and churches, just to be able to sue. I mean it is a free country, if I don't want to make a cake for a gay wedding, I should not have to because I don't recognize it as real marriage, gay people can find other businesses, they are limiting religious freedom.
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    the longer a thread last, the more likely it will turn into a discussion about religion
  10. Son_of_Iroquois

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    So whose interpretation of the Bible is correct? Is it the Catholics, Lutherans, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist, Born again Christian, Latter day Saint, Orthodox Christian, Coptic Christian? Everyone seems to have a different viewpoint on how the Bible is to be interpreted. This is fine, I just don't want that mess in government, then we become the Middle East.
  11. Son_of_Iroquois

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    Ok, interesting. So if God gave everyone "free will", then why do people need to go to Church, or read the Bible? What is God's role then, in this world, if we have free will and do not need to be controlled in any way by some higher authority?

    You're in the minority.
  12. Son_of_Iroquois

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    Yup, and let's keep it that way. I don't want to go down the dark path of having religious groups running the government, telling people what they can and can't think according to some mysterious and unseen deity.
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    Government and religion should never be mixed. Politicians decide laws and if they don't fit whatever religion, too bad. Find another religion or a place to live where religion is the law.

    The middle east is a perfect example where religion is not working when mixed with government.

    I hope Mr. Trump will keep that in mind as he starts his presidency which btw. he won regardless of someone effort to dispute that.
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    I don't care for trump I don't really know him, since I am from Europe. I also don't have anything against him. The only thing the election has shown me is that the leftists are the most violent and extreme of all.
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    Yup...such hipsters.
    All lovely until they lose then they wreak havoc and keep trying to reverse the outcome. Definitely sore losers are lefties.
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    It's the same thing after Brexit.
    The remain supporters called the leave supporters racist etc.
    Then when leave campaign won, the remain supporters started doing violent riots against the leave supporters.
    Not to mention the second vote suggested by a remain MP. Thankfully most MPs voted to leave in respect of the public vote. Government would have collapsed if they went against the people's vote anyway. Wouldn't be democratic at all.
    Left wing people are really selfish, politically.
    And try anything to get their way.

    It's even more sad how they reacted to Trump winning.

    Look at this...

    Silly dork hipster.

    This is good roast of these extremist leftists.
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  17. August One

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    I fucking hate politics I didn't vote.

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    Actually, republicans don't want you to vote if you're black or a young liberal. According to polls, older republicans are the ones who go out and vote with higher frequency.

    If you are disgusted with politics and don't vote, you fell into their plan.
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