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  1. Very true. Yes, my dad, uncles and that generation played a huge part, but they are still addicted to PM, so there's the "karma." lol Hate to be that way but damn, think of the children.
  2. What a load of bollards! :mad: I was born in 1965 and I did not open the door to the normalization of this sort of thing! :mad:
    Neither am I to blame for how teenagers see PMO? Where do you even get an idea like that? It's flipping twisted man! :mad:
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  3. I said kinda not totally. Kinda. I'm not blaming you outright.
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  4. Of course teens have to blame for their own actions.
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  5. OK. But where do you come up with a sweeping generalisation like that?
  6. Fine I blame some Gen Xers. Not all.
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  7. All he is saying is that cultural and societal change began around that era. Many in that generation were affected as a result by it, not saying everyone. From there, the "pussy worship" dogma was passed down to the children. God knows that's what my father did, and it confused me at a young age. We all have hell to pay sooner or later on judgement day, including me. I've done some wicked things and agendas as well. Nobody is a saint. Don't take things personally man.
  8. I think M-ing is 100% useless and below human dignity. That's my opinion, but not NoFap's opinion. The OP was making claims about NoFap's position without actually taking the time to read NoFap's position.
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    In truth, it is you that is wrong my friend . Your entitled to your own opinion but you should really look into NoFap before making a claim on how "we got fooled" . Respect :emoji_pray:
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    Bruh i was fucking trolling, no one gives a shit about your uncle dad whoever the fuck you're talking about just do it outside this fucking thread i dont need your bullshit notifications popping up every time just fucking create a new thread for this shit dont do it in mine. Also your ideology is completely wrong. Self pleasure is acceptable, depends on the person is they want to do it or not. You don't want to do it? Fine, dont fucking force others not to do it aswell.
  11. Oh no the NoFAP cake is a lie!
    JK...but seriously do think there are people pushing the no MO thing a little too hard on this site...entitled to their own view...I'm not a fan of some of the more puritanical aspects of NoFAP, but it seems like the view of this site is not anti-masturbation or anti-porn even, its anti-addiction stemming from these two.
    There is signs pointing towards these being destructive addictions and its sad people have trouble avoiding these for short periods of time.
    Honestly I dont think theres enough sex or acceptance of pleasure in this world, maybe if more people were [email protected] there'd be less people killing each other. Only not jerking it for a few days wont change anything, but doing it in place of improving yourself can definitely hurt ones trajectory in life.
  12. Nobody will be banned for sharing their thoughts, we believe in free speech here. However, I do question the motives of someone that would go through the trouble of creating an account here, adding a counter and then telling everyone they're wrong.
  13. Mad bro?
  14. I'
    People know what to believe already, and I'm never going to shut up, so you minus well leave this Nofap website. You are detrimental to the cause anyway. You seem to be one of the very few that have a problem with it, and the majority couldn't give a shit.
  15. That's just it. There's no doubt about it folks, we got paid shills on here. Make no mistake!
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    Dude, that's a pretty homophobic thing to say...
  17. I'm no homophobe. It was an analogy.
  18. Besides, I don't give a shit about political correctness.
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    Anecdotally, I disagree. I'm aware that masturbation does not have any detrimental physiological effects, but it can serve as a gateway into porn. 'Pornless' masturbation becomes difficult and time-consuming after a while, and when porn is available at the click of a button to increase the pleasure and convenience of masturbating, it's almost an inevitability for some of us.
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    - is inherently isolating (my guess is that most people are doing it alone)
    - conditions the self to make sex about its own pleasure instead of a partner's
    - disconnects the self from reality (it's usually done in mental fantasy)
    - tends to sap a man's energy if he has an orgasm
    - tends to sap hours of a man's time if he doesn't orgasm
    - provides the biological reward of sexual release with none of the hard work required to get it with a partner (self-care, courtship, confidence, etc)
    - hijacks the brain's neurochemistry by forcing it to release pleasure chemicals via 'pushing the button' of masturbation ... which is why it can become addictive.

    It's for these reasons that I personally believe masturbation is inherently self-destructive. Can some people have recovery from sex and porn addiction while still allowing themselves to masturbate? Possibly. I've sat in literally hundreds of SAA meetings with men who decided to keep masturbation in their set of 'allowables.' But in my experience, they have a much harder time getting any real sobriety.

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