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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by pump20, Oct 10, 2019.

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    Has anybody gone to the strip clubs in the past? Well I did and I'm going to tell the story about it.
    Strip clubs are the female dancers that dance on the stage. There are privates available for the dancers. They are topless, nude, VIP meaning 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, to an hour. Prices varies by location, location, location. I remembered when the dancers sometimes give me a lapdances, kissing on my face, licking and breathing in my ear. I did get an erection by them. I always look at their big butts they are jiggly and bouncy and soles of feet that are plump and meaty. When I took one of the dancers to the private room with me, I remembered that I asked her is it OK to rub the butt and lick and sniff the soles of the feet and she says OK and it turns me on. I also got an erection by doing that. Now I realized that enough is enough because I wasted so much time, energy, and money by doing those things that I could have saved by doing something else. In my opinion, I advise you guys to reconsider about going there because it could be addictive that is similar to watching and viewing xxx. Also they're dirty, disgusting, and they have no respect for themselves. The dancers also make less money. It's also very dangerous and risky. I got other stuff to deal with anyway.
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  2. A little too much detail..
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    Is there sex at the Strip club?
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    Strip clubs is just another form of porn, certainly in the UK where "contact" is very strict. I have been to a few, no really through choice and desire, I worked in an industry where it was considered acceptable to "entertain" in such places.

    With how I now view porn, as a abusive and degrading industry, strip clubs are the same for me. Only worse because I am physically paying the girls and therefore directly contributing and fuelling the girls situations further.
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  6. Of course. All the ones Ive been to, you pay the girls a steep fee, like $300 and you get to go to a "private room" where there isnt the typical security guards. And the girls that have offered me this option have made it clear that we could do whatever I wanted. I never took them up though. So yes the majority of strippers are basically prostitutes as well.
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  7. You should learn the use of spoiler button... Many users are gonna find your handiness with details to be a bit too much.

    Thank you and have a nice nofap day!
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    I visited a strip club about 4 times in my life and I'm not going to lie, it was absolutely fantastic and beyond my wildest dreams.
    The last time(about 3 years ago) a couple of my overseas friends came to my city for a wild weekend and asked me to give them a night they
    would never forget. So after smoking some good pot I took these innocent boys to the most nasty strip club in the red light district.
    Before going inside I explicitly warned them to:
    1. Not pay drinks for the strippers, because they would only ask expensive crystal champagne.
    2. Say no to lap dances especially the extra private 1-on-1 where the curtains are used.

    After agreeing I led them in the candy shop and they were shocked of the scene they discovered inside the room.
    Fully naked good looking girls dancing on poles and doing very spreading poses and teasing the men around them.
    After ordering an overpriced beer one of the girls quickly approached my foreign (nerdy) friend and asked if he wanted a lap dance.
    Guess what happened next.... He walked over to me and said that it was hard to say no to her and that he just agreed to pay for lap dances for all of us.
    I smiled proudly and said that I fully understood him. Until that moment in time I had never experienced a real lap dance myself.
    As a married man I should have morally said no, but being a weak piece of shit I said fuck it and went for the best (free) show of my life.
    I'm now very hesitant to go into too explicit details right now, because we men are very visually oriented and I don't want to trigger someone relapsing.

    ...So Really stop reading if you are having trouble!...

    What happened next is that all three of us were leaded to a big couch and three model looking girls sat on our lap and did all kinds of nasty but beautiful movements.
    From 69 poses to hard rubbing their private parts against us. At one point I was blowing a stream of cool air from my month into her spreading vagina
    being just 10cm from my mouth.
    The level of teasing was maximum. There is a hard policy of no touching, but I still clearly remember the girl asking me to smack her ass whilst she was dry humping me.
    I'm not the smacking type, but smacking her perfect round ass made me very happy. After the breath taking lap dance the nice girl asked me if I wanted sex with
    her and was willing to pay for the extra 1-on-1 session. If I wasn't that broke I would have most definitely said yes, because I was horny af.

    My nerdy friends are now married and we vowed to never speak of this night again, but I know they are still very great full they had this night.
    Anyway, I'm a simple man and am still very found of strip clubs and strippers, sorry.
    But, knowing this hard fact I can easily avoid future temptation by just never going to these places ever again.
    I had my fun, now its time to move on.
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  9. Exactly... They give you a nice experience because you are burning cash at them. It can never happen in real life, and a person can never maintain it without running into financial trouble. That's the main problem with paid sex and strip club type activities. They give you this unrealistic high which sets you up for disappointment in real life and you can figure out the kind of problems it will cause in a man's sex life and relationships.
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  10. Ive been about 5 times. 3 of the 5 times was a full nude, as well as the first time. Me and 2 other friends went. It was all out first time. I think we were 19. We walked in and our jaws dropped. Its was awesome. As a adult its still fun but nothing like that first time. I never payed for any services other than a few lap dances which werent anything spectacular to me. My wife also went with me to one while we were on vacation. It was actually her idea. She wanted to see what it was about. After about 30 minutes she had had her fill of it. Lol.
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    Well how do I use the spoiler button?
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    Yeah, titty bars are a phase I went through. No desire to visit anymore.
  13. Mistersofty

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    Strip clubs can be an occasional fun night out with friends. Just don't be that guy that shows up alone and obsesses over that one stripper that has to be nice to him because he's her most frequent customer.
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  14. There is a "plus" button in the text editor we use to post comments. It's alongside the floppy disk symbol. Click on it and it will show you add spoiler options along with quote and strike through options.

    You can use it to give a title to your spoiler and then click it... Now you can type your text and when you post it, it will be shown as a spoiler warning.

    Just experiment with it and you will figure it out. I suck at explaining such stuff. lol
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    never go alone. Never visit more than a few times a year. Do not over spend by only bringing limited amount of cash. And of course do not ever think there are connection.

    Last just have fun safely.
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    Also this thread felt like serves no purpose on such nofap forum other than triggering our temptation of pmoing or going to stripclub....what was the point of this thread btw?
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    Quite. If you have an addictive personality with regard to sexual matters (which you do as you are on nofap), strip clubs are best avoided. They are highly addictive, expensive and will be damaging towards your attitudes to women, sex and relationships.
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  18. The truth about strip clubs - they'll take your money and give you bullshit (my opinion).

    I didn't read much of this thread in case of triggers.
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  19. depends on where the club is and the laws governing it.

    I kept reading this expecting and waiting to see where “advice” was in the post. I assume this was meant as a cathartic piece — not an actual informative essay on the goings on at a strip club. lol.

    The only “surprise” should be that strippers are not objects— they are just as real as their clients. Claiming they are dirty is the same as stoning the woman you used for sex. You have to pay them just like cam shows which I never understood the allure. Seems like just a frustrating exercise.
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    I wouldn't call the women there disgusting, as they are probably victims of their circumstances, you don't know.

    The men that go there on the other hand, well.

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