Truth About Strip Clubs Be careful

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    I've had strippers ask for my number a few times :p. Including one who I had to ask to stop calling me. Sure they might like you but its going to end up being a sugar daddy thing or chaos or both lol...I don't go anymore.
  2. I went to a strip club once. My friend and i were driving somewhere at night. We had to pee real bad. We didn’t see any gas stations and nothing was open except a shack like strip club. We didn’t want to pee on the side of a dark road bc it wasn’t safe so we went to a strip club we saw. We asked the bouncer if we could use their restroom as we were on the road for a long time and hasn’t seen any place we could go for hours. They let us use the restroom. Then we left. The place was a complete dump.

    I figured that the dancers and the patrons were at low points in their lives or they wouldn’t have been there.
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  3. I only went once and that was because I was drunk and a couple of guys I was with wanted to go there.

    Yeah it was a dump and they took advantage of my drunk state by charging me way too much lol. At least it put me off ever going back to one.

    Hard to see the point of those places anyway.
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    Where is the story though? No one knows the purpose of this thread by the way but I am still eager to hear the aforementioned story :), I wanna hear about some Men in Action if you know what I say. As for sex in strip clubs there is lots of it for the right price. It also depends on going to the right club for this type of services. There is no so big a difference between strippers and prostitutes after all. They both sell their bodies to make money only that some are willing to go further than others.
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