Tryed in 2013.. Back in 2020.. We can-will do this. Who's in?

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    Text book porn/masturbation addict. from age 16 to now at age 27. I gotta stop, NOW. I see my lifes slipping through my fingers. It made me tear up reading this old post of mine when i was 21 in 2013....

    "The ultimate goal that is completely reachable is to create the mindset of realism and eliminating all sources of false - virtual satisfaction. I started when I was 16 and my tastes become warped because of the brain wants more extreme porn to get more dopamine. I have many regrets from girls, relationships, high school social life, confidence, athletic performance, ambitious passions, excess energy, sexual energy, mood, etc. On top of that, I've had extreme adversity, from serious family problems, sleep disorder issues, fatigue/lack of energy, anxiety, depression, little motivation, nostalgia, hand/arm arthritis from laptop use, etc.

    I'm currently going to community college now, and graduate 1 year from now. I am looking for a job right now. I plan on transferring to a 4 year university in another state.

    My immediate goals are to continue making good grades, get a job, get fit again, ease into better family relations, and most importantly eliminating porn use once and for all. Which comes with an endless amount of life changing benefits.

    I am very knowledgeable with all the info regarding PMO addiction. I've made man attempts but have fallen short, due to loosing site of the big picture. I know the power of curing the addiction. I am looking for a partner who is committed with his heart, mind & soul to complete a 100 days reboot. Split up into 10 day mini-goals. And once this IS accomplished, we will keep in touch on occasion for a while, keeping each other on the right path until we have acquired a powerful, motivated, healthy mind again. I understand 100% the feelings, urges, obstacles that WILL be encountered. No matter how much you desire to just get a false since of addicting, quick, satisfaction that leads into anxiety & depression; there will be no giving up, because each feeling of an uncontrollable urge is a couple miles further into the marathon. Pain is progress. Eventually with persistence and trust in the system, we will be healed. There is not a single doubt about it. If you follow the rules set in place, you are destined for success.

    In short; who ever I partner with will make an irreversible pact to overcome porn addiction and to never look back.

    Message: Me with a short description of you situation and the TRUE commitment you are willing to make, through email, text, skype, facebook & most importunity trust.

    In a realness and inspiration aside; there are paths, opportunities & situations waiting for us on the other side. With success comes happiness & fulfillment.

    I am willing to put everything on the line to gain nothing less than success, are you willing to do the same?

    New life without PMO: 10/23/13 - forever"



    2019 - November 15th onwards I'm acting like my life an lively hood are on the line forever. I need to do all the things i've wanted to do but never have. From a walk everyday, to food to healthy outlets. I have no more words in the the english language to potray how desprete and ready I am going to gain litterlly nearly everything back in my life. Porn has destroyed enough. I wanna live the good live. Masturbation will be looked back on as the day that masturbation and this chapter in life ended. I just feel being held accountable would help tremendously. But either way i'm in this for life, and venting feels incredible.

    I promise with every ounce of my physical body, body and soul that I will be a dependable partner/friend. 11 years of porn has been enough. a month or so the 2020 era will be when I changed my lifestyle for good and look back at it in humble pain. Instead of harming myself, i'm dedicating myself to bettering myself with yoga, meditation, mindfullness, reading, breathwork, nature, puzzles, weight lifting, running, exercise, stretching, healthy real foods, low sugar, no porn, no masturbation, no fucking.

    Message me if you'd like to sponsor each other (Serious reliability partners please).

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