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  1. Hello everyone, I had just relapsed (Using Psub) and I had a few relapses within the past couple of weeks. I had earlier been on a streak of about 96 days and it felt great and my life improved over the span of those days. I was trying to get into the mindset of getting rid of a day challenge, but I think I'm not mentally there yet. I don't know how I go about that or if its just a subconscious change that happens over time. I also was going to try using psubs and or M'ing instead and in "moderation" but I feel kinda shitty after each time so I think its probably not good for me. So I want to get back on the track of how I was for 90 days but at the same time I think starting from 0 and making a large jump to 90 isn't good for me right now. So I want to try to make a challenge that's a little difficult but not so far off in the distance so to speak. I'm going to try going a whole month without P, Psubs, M or edging. I think a month is a good and doable challenge so I think that will get me back on track. Once one month comes I think I'll set another counter for another month to keep up a reachable goal. My big goal would to be able to have the habits i have to avoid PMO at any level subconscious were its not something I have to think about. If not, then being able to keep up the fight each day is a pretty righteous goal. So wish me luck and feel free to give any feedback or advice. Thanks!
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    Whatever works should be tried. Block those sites that make you relapse. Good luck.

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