Trying not to fap while on Social media

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by bulldog51, May 12, 2020.

  1. bulldog51

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    I'm new to this site, I'm tried no fapping and the longest I've gon was 24 days but, every time I try not fapping I scroll on social media and bam im triggered all over again and I have to start all over. For my job i need to be on social media so there is really no escaping.

    How do you all deal with it?
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  2. mozoind

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    First try to unfollow models n actress , if u have any on social media .
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  3. Day Sunshine

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    Good question, too bad it is a necessity for your job, cause social media is a big trigger. If I ever use social media I always try to shield myself from triggering images, I just scroll by them without really looking cause I know it can trigger me. Thats my best advice, but I understand this can be hard to do this with your job.
  4. Ghabbbyyyy

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    Hey bro,

    I suffer the same difficulties as u. I'm currently on day 25. The only reason I got this far is because I have deleted/deactivated social media and YouTube. I used to be addicted to it. I know it's not the answer u want, but success only comes with struggle. How much are u willing to sacrifice and give up for nofap?

    If the answer is everything than I would suggest deactivating social media. It doesn't have to be forever, atleast for 90 days. It will be hard at first but in the long run totally worth it. Nofap isn't merely avoiding PMO, rather it is a lifestyle. It is taking precautionary steps to avoid even being tempted to watch porn and masturbate.

    I trust u make the right decision :)
  5. Cash007

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    Very well said!!
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  6. skaterdrew

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    I don't have an answer for social media. I also block my self out of social media.

    It's ashame you can't use youtube at all though.

    If you copy this in to your host file it will make youtube much safer. This will restrict youtube videos and it can't be switched off unless you remove this from the host file.
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  7. thinking_differently

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    I have faced the same problem @bulldog51
    And here’s what I have understood:

    1.You need to realise why you should not M.(this is the BASE, FOUNDATION of your journey)

    2. I suggest you may unfollow models/P models, but not necessarily Movie Actresses(I’ll tell why in a moment).

    3. You need to learn to face the situation and not shun from it.
    Becoz finally u want to get used to being normal in life, and be normal when you r around sm1 u find immensely attractive.

    4. I think its not about hiding away from attraction, but CONQUERING it. Thats why one can start with facing ordinary photos of movie actresses.
    NOTE: im NOT saying one shud watch P and learn not to M.

    If u think u can’t handle social media, go off for a while, get a GOOD MINDSET, understand your addiction better, and once u feel comfortable, take a step further by getting back to using social Media. And USE IT as a tool to strengthen ur belief system and ur MINDSET.

    all the best bro
  8. Rav70

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    Find a new job this shit will kill you.
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  9. Building off of what other people have said, it's best to delete your personal social media. I changed my password to something only my significant other would know and then deactivated the account so there is no way for me to get back into it. Do you have to have a personal social media account for work or can you just use the work's social media page?

    Like what the person above said, Nofap is a lifestyle. What you do on a daily basis gives you the strength to not masturbate. What are you doing to bring down your stress/anxiety levels? Are you meditating, exercising, writing in your journal etc? It may be helpful for you to create a daily habit chart, set goals, and track your accomplishments. If you can catch yourself feeling triggered, close your browser and take a cold shower.

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