Trying to become human (Journal)

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  1. Man, come on! You're doing so great, so don't let in any thought of giving up on day 30! You'd waste your progress and start from day 1!

    Look, your urges will be coming and going, but in the end you're going to feel wonderful if you survive this. The other option is to give up and have to go through all of this AGAIN! Imagine if you had to get to the 20-something day again and feel the same wave of urges as now. It's a terrifying perspective!

    Remember that going to NoFap now isn't wasting your time in the least! It's an investment in your future!

    Don't do it to yourself, and don't give up. You've already shown how strong you are. Really, not many people here can last through the first wave of urges, but those who do have it much easier later.
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  2. I
    Thank u so much friend for the motivation, I'll try my best to resist the urges no matter what happen. Actually I tried to sleep but the urges become strong so i came here to write it down and i saw your message. I'll try my best to resist this urge friend. Thank u so much again for your words
  3. Day 24
    I woke up early today but i didn't do anything, i wanted to be in the bed. I skip my breakfast and dinner today. Strong urges are still there but i am fighting it.
  4. I am experiencing shortness of breath. I think anxiety attack is back. But the fight is still on.
  5. I am sorry guys i RELAPSED. I am sorry @Roader to Freedom, the urge was very strong, it was eating me from inside.
  6. Dude, Night Time is the worst. Anyways, Good going, Amazing streak,

    Just wanted to let you remind that even though you relapsed your progress that you made for 24-25 days is still there. And I can totally feel how painful you would be feeling right now.

    This is not the worst, worst will be when you give into the chaser effect, And it is coming.

    Wanted to let you know that We all are here for you and you don't need to beat yourself up about it.

    Looking at your posting style, I don't think you relapsed, I think it was just a slip up, And even if it was not, The fact that you're feeling bad about it tells us that you still have what it takes to complete the challenge, Keep going bro, Don't look back.
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  7. @OceanBlack thank u so much friend, it really means a lot to me. I promise to each and every fellow warriors that my next streak which is beginning from tomorrow will be longer than this one. i wish all the power to you friend and thanks again for your words.
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  8. Okay, you're starting over, but truth be told you've beaten your previous record, and that should give you more strength now. It's like you're only just beginning, but you know how it feels, and you should feel stronger now.

    Be careful about the chaser effect, too, and start your new streak without any breaks. Make your next streak not only longer, but eternal. Stay strong! Don't give up!
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  9. Yes friend i won't let anyone of you down this time.
  10. lamstronger

    lamstronger Fapstronaut

    What do you think you can change this time, to not relapse further down the line?
    Best of luck, we will overcome this!
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  11. I'll just do what is needed and not what I want.
  12. I need to make my career and make my parents proud and my evil mind wants smartphone it wants escapism.
  13. So, how's it going? I can see 6 days on your counter already. If you feel down, it's good to write it down here and feel some relief.

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