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  1. Man, come on! You're doing so great, so don't let in any thought of giving up on day 30! You'd waste your progress and start from day 1!

    Look, your urges will be coming and going, but in the end you're going to feel wonderful if you survive this. The other option is to give up and have to go through all of this AGAIN! Imagine if you had to get to the 20-something day again and feel the same wave of urges as now. It's a terrifying perspective!

    Remember that going to NoFap now isn't wasting your time in the least! It's an investment in your future!

    Don't do it to yourself, and don't give up. You've already shown how strong you are. Really, not many people here can last through the first wave of urges, but those who do have it much easier later.
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  2. I
    Thank u so much friend for the motivation, I'll try my best to resist the urges no matter what happen. Actually I tried to sleep but the urges become strong so i came here to write it down and i saw your message. I'll try my best to resist this urge friend. Thank u so much again for your words
  3. Day 24
    I woke up early today but i didn't do anything, i wanted to be in the bed. I skip my breakfast and dinner today. Strong urges are still there but i am fighting it.
  4. I am experiencing shortness of breath. I think anxiety attack is back. But the fight is still on.
  5. I am sorry guys i RELAPSED. I am sorry @Roader to Freedom, the urge was very strong, it was eating me from inside.
  6. Dude, Night Time is the worst. Anyways, Good going, Amazing streak,

    Just wanted to let you remind that even though you relapsed your progress that you made for 24-25 days is still there. And I can totally feel how painful you would be feeling right now.

    This is not the worst, worst will be when you give into the chaser effect, And it is coming.

    Wanted to let you know that We all are here for you and you don't need to beat yourself up about it.

    Looking at your posting style, I don't think you relapsed, I think it was just a slip up, And even if it was not, The fact that you're feeling bad about it tells us that you still have what it takes to complete the challenge, Keep going bro, Don't look back.
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  7. @OceanBlack thank u so much friend, it really means a lot to me. I promise to each and every fellow warriors that my next streak which is beginning from tomorrow will be longer than this one. i wish all the power to you friend and thanks again for your words.
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  8. Okay, you're starting over, but truth be told you've beaten your previous record, and that should give you more strength now. It's like you're only just beginning, but you know how it feels, and you should feel stronger now.

    Be careful about the chaser effect, too, and start your new streak without any breaks. Make your next streak not only longer, but eternal. Stay strong! Don't give up!
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  9. Yes friend i won't let anyone of you down this time.
  10. lamstronger

    lamstronger Fapstronaut

    What do you think you can change this time, to not relapse further down the line?
    Best of luck, we will overcome this!
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  11. I'll just do what is needed and not what I want.
  12. I need to make my career and make my parents proud and my evil mind wants smartphone it wants escapism.
  13. So, how's it going? I can see 6 days on your counter already. If you feel down, it's good to write it down here and feel some relief.
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  14. It's been long time guys i fell into the chaser after my longest streak of 24 days. But i am back with some motivation hopefully this time I'll beat my 24 days streak. I hope everyone are doing fine.

    @Roader to Freedom Hey friend i know it's been a long time and yes i am fed up of my addiction and maybe this streak become my longest one
  15. Of course, you can do this. 24 days was a great score and you had a really hard time, day after day. Now you can only go beyond with a new motivation.
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  16. Thank u friend that really means a lot to me, you don't know how happy i am after knowing the fact that there are people who are helping each other do better in life.
  17. Hello guys, i just wanted to let you all know that i am making some changes in my day counter i am changing it from no pmo to no porn, the reason behind this is that i am addicted to pornography and i only masturbate when i am watching porn so i am not addicted to masturbation. Guys i don't know if porn is bad or masturbation is bad because I haven't read any scientific papers on that and i am not saying that porn and masturbation are good or bad, but i have this goal to leave porn because in my personal experience watching pornography did ruin my life it really created a big distraction in my mind and it really did ruin the dopamine balance in my mind( i am saying this from my personal experience) i also think that watching porn is bad because it's a fantasy world and it is showing viewer the things which is fake and creating a whole wrong perspective on women and human sexuality( that is my personal opinion)and that's why i am mainly against pornography. And talking about masturbation, in my case i didn't masturbate without watching porn so i don't know if it's bad or good but i do know one thing that doing anything in excess will create bad effect on your body.
  18. I have to warn you about your thinking about that method. It is unfortunately very, very wrong. You have to decide what P is to you. Is it just pictures and videos? Not in our case, unfortunately.

    In our case, P is anything that triggers us to MO. Pictures, fetishes, even looking at women having nasty thoughts should be considered P to you.

    Yes, you are addicted to M! Otherwise, you wouldn't watch P. That's the whole vicious circle. The option of No Porn is probably thought for people who watch P excessively, but don't M, or they watch P excessively because it 'helps' them get ready for sexual activity with others. I don't see any other logical reason for that.

    You can choose that way of no P, but I'm sure that you can't M without having a nasty picture in your mind. You're not the first one here to take that road. Simply speaking, you can't get free without no PMO.

    About articles: read them. Search for them (e.g. here: Conscious ignorance, as I like to call it, is one of your worst enemies now.

    I know what I said sucks. In the end, it's all up to you. I just remember myself thinking in a similar way, maybe a year before I started my reboot. I can still unfortunately remember those nights and mornings. It all ended up badly, even though it was another step before finding myself here.

    Stay strong!
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  19. Yes friend you are absolutely right i do consider pictures, fetishes and anything that triggers us to masturbate.

    Yes friend i also thought that it is impossible to masturbate without having nasty thoughts because i always masturbate to porn but one night i thought that lets try to masturbate without watching porn and i did masturbate without any nasty thought, when i touch my self it made me excited and it helped me masturbate and i did this thing 3 4 times in total. That's why i am saying that the root cause is pornography if i stop that then masturbation will stop automatically.

    I respect your thoughts and everything you say is true but in my case i can masturbate without porn but i don't like it. That's why i think that i am addicted to porn and not masturbation.

    Plz friend let me know your thoughts about this, plz let me know if i am wrong or right, then i will change my counter
  20. Don't change the counter because of me. There's an easy test to check if you're addicted to M which should blow away all uncertainties. Stop doing that for like a month. If you can't even stand a thought of it and then you can't stop, then you're addicted to M. It's the same about any addiction. If you can't stop, then you're addicted.

    There's another trap of course, that is telling yourself: I'm relieving stress from not watching P by M-ing? This also points to M being a culprit, not only P. It's like being a man who is trying to stop smoking, but he visits places with smokers to relieve that stress of not smoking.

    I don't really see any way around it, and I know it sucks. You don't get those really addictive dopamine shots from just watching P. There are plenty of stress-relievers, like sport or hobby being one of the best ones. You don't get anything from M.

    In the end, I'm sure, I'm right, but you are the one making choices. You're motivated. Stick to that new motivations, but make it a serious one.
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