Trying to Quit Cannabis and Need Help

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by BAnana89, May 27, 2019.

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    Hi all, I love the way this forum help others by supporting them. Now I need your help and support. I have been using cannabis for the last 3 years. 3 months ago I decided to stop. It didn't work. I am feeling lost and I disappoint myself. I want to be more productive and live a healthy life. And I knew that I need to stop consuming weed. I need your help. I want to start all over again and I will be happy if you share with me the tips that help you to move forward. My question is: How can I live a healthy, productive life full of energy without being prisoned by cannabis abuse? What do I need to know before starting all over again and this time for good? I don't have a lot of energy and I'm getting tired of it. Please help me.
  2. Well, this forum isn't really geared toward that sort of thing, but I will do my best to provide you with an answer.

    An addiction to cannabis is not unlike an addiction to anything else, it takes time to get rid of, and you have to truly want it. That's the question you have to ask yourself, do you really want to get rid of the addiction? If you do, than you're in luck because you're going to have to be pretty dedicated to it. It's a lifestyle change, it's not something you can just stay away from for a little while, it's all or nothing.

    One of the biggest things to curbing any addiction is finding out why you're doing it. What's feeding this addiction? Maybe it's stress, maybe it's painful life events, it could be any number of things. Find out what your reasons are, and try to find healthier ways to deal with those problems. Things as simple as a bit of meditation, or getting more sleep can make a huge difference. You have to replace a bad habit with new, healthier ones, if that makes sense. You have to fill that gap.

    I would suggest finding an online support group specifically dedicated to things like cannabis addiction that might be better able to help you through your particular situation, but you're also more than welcome to remain on NoFap if you would like.

    I hope that I was able to offer you at least some insight that will help you. I've dealt with things of this nature with family members before, so feel free to ask me if you have any other questions. Also, I'm sure the NoFap community would be more than happy to offer you some useful advice as well.
  3. So what if you had friends who are using porn every single day and who love porn and who showed you porn? Would you ever be able to quit porn? Marijuana is a very social exercise. I'm willing to bet anything that you have friends that get high. I'm here to tell you as somebody who has been in this exact same situation you will never quit getting high until you stop hanging around with people that get high. It was the hardest thing I ever did actually I didn't do it until I got married only in marriage, did I have the strength. Though I don't know your situation.
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  4. It's not heroine but if youre a long time smoker, you're gonna dread quitting psychologically. You may also get some physical withdrawl symptoms.

    Cannabis is comprised of cannaboids which are damn near exactly like the chemicals our organs use to create hormones and can sometimes work in place of some of our hormones for sleep, digestion, sex ect,. The body is made to be efficient so if the body can use the cannaboids from the weed you smoke for some of your normal functions, some of your glands will stop producing hormones. When you stop smoking weed all of a sudden, your system flips out because it suddenly has to start producing the hormones again and your glands are all lazy from not doing anything so it takes a while to adjust.

    I smoked regularly for 15 years and when I took my first long break. I had trouble sleeping and digesting large meals so I essentially had to go vegetarian for the first week cause my stomach enzymes were not caught up yet. After a couple days this subsided but I got crazy night sweats which was worse than insomnia. I slept like a baby but I literally had to get up and change my bed sheets twice in one night due to sweating. Blazing actually helps with sleep but it seems to supress dreaming but after a week I got crazy vivid nightmares so I looked like horrible in the morning from getting up all night. I had to abandon the first weed fast I attempted because I had stuff to do and I needed good sleep so make sure to time it right. You may look a little crazy for a few weeks.

    PMO addicts report a sexual flatline due to lack of dopamine but this is nothing compared to weed. I was actually worried my dick straight up didnt work any more because I realized around week 3 I havent even gotten an erection once. Once your body goes back to normal your thang will too. Quitting weed and PMO at the same time helps as you wont even think about PMO.

    Its nothing you cant handle and you dont need rehab but its gonna suck for a few weeks. I say go cold turkey and get all the suffering out of the way. If your a stoner then cut your amount to a small puff once a day, then once every other day for the first week. Youll still feel it but it will be more managable.
  5. If you're anything like me, moderation is impossible. A small puff only leads to the acquisition and consumption of vast amounts.

    I managed to stop smoking after 17 years more or less daily, a gram + a day, about 2 months ago.
    The biggest thing that helped me was avoiding all social and environmental triggers. This included actively avoiding someone who has been my friend for that entire 17 years. He actually rocked up at my house uninvited on the weekend, which was really fucked up and resulted in some severe cravings, but that's a story for another thread.

    I had to stop because I was experiencing psychotic symptoms, but I'm convinced that I was only able to because in the weeks leading up to it, I cut out soft drinks, chocolate and fast food. Quitting weed was not a planned thing but getting on top of my blood sugar made it a lot easier than I have ever experienced to get through the withdrawals, which are very real.

    That would be the best advice I could give tbh- pre-game it by getting your body healthy and starting to supply the brain with nutrients that have likely been absent due to the diet we inevitably end up on as stoners. It made the physical and emotional withdrawals more than manageable and gave me a bit of perspective on how the consumption of weed was intrinsically tied to my blood sugar levels, and how the high-crash-high-crash cycle of processed sugar consumption in particular made me resort to smoking dope to try and even out my moods.

    I can't say I feel fucking awesome, it feels very matter-of-fact to me, but the main advantage I am experiencing is not coming down every day, and not spending $80+ per week just to get low every night. All the best!
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    That's interesting. A lot of things said here seem to be the opposite of what I have experienced with weed. Though I've never been an everyday smoker so maybe that's why. 1-3 times a week more like.
    Why would you consume any mind altering drug everyday anyway?
    What do you do when you're high?
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  7. If you smoke alot, nearly everyday, you do exactly way you're doing in life but baked. Or if you smoke at the end of the day, thats when you explore new music or sometimes watch funny vids and eat alot of food.
  8. Weed isn't your issue, but its not helping. It's the environmental and social factors youre living in, much like in porn addiction. Except unlike porn addiction, marijuana is not addictive. Its habitual, not addictive. Which i think is important to recognize.

    It sounds to me like your goal is to be more motivated and you associate weed as the solution. Any non-smokers out there, wouldnt you? If you were a true stoner and smoked all day everyday (except work and classes unless you have a dab pen or something) and all your friends smoked constantly, and you didnt like the way your life was going, wouldnt you say weed was the issue? Its the one thing you just do continously. But its not exactly the issue.

    Weed is however not helping the situation. Weed doesnt make you lazy. If youre lazy to begin with, and you smoke weed, you gonna be super lazy. And the other way around, its a stereotype.

    I think the reason you said "you failed" is because your enviromentsl factors are the same. Typing this out makes me think of porn addiction alot and perhaps thats a major factor as to why people fail in porn addiction. The enviromental factors.

    To be clear, i think if you wanna quit weed that's great! And i mean that, but i think you need to change your enviromental factors (no, not move out of your house & cut off ties w your friends). I mean start hitting the gym or run, have goals in school/work life and take steps to acheive them, start pursuing interests and goals. You know.... grown-up shit. Weed would defintely help you in the way that a new lifestyle would be good for you i think (i say as i know a couple paragraphs about yourself). And again, if youre lazy itll help.

    Do you have a workout routine? I love weightlifting and one of the main reasons (possibly even more than muscles/strength, theres alot of pros) is that it mentally keeps me together in goals and just well-being mentally. 100% better than smoking weed.
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  9. :rolleyes:
  10. You dont know what you're saying
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    If you're a weed smoker and watch porn then they both act as catalysts. As a regular weed smoker, porn addict I speak from experience. Though it has its place in moderation (I believe) it does change thinking, affect hormones, make sex/masturbation feel good and fires up the imagination. I'm trying to quick both as I need to to be successful in life.
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    Prior to entering recovery i had an extrememly strong desire to quit. I knew i could not stay quit on my own no matter what i'd tried.

    Same with PMO, i come here to help me stay abstinent. I can't do it on my own.

    Both PMO and cannabis and other substances are of the same addiction. We are using something outside of ourselves to make us feel whole. Without that 'something', we feel 'incomplete'.

    Addiction is single enemy with many heads. Fight each head, and fight many battles at once. Attack the heart, kill the enemy and win the war.

    Asking for help in battle is the strongest weapon we have. Urges will come from all aspects of our addiction. Fight the addiction itself. Recognize it as a single enemy and realize when the different urges call to you, they are using the same voice.
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    Alright guys, so here's the deal: marijuana is not believed to be physically addictive. Some people say they experience physical symptoms but most don't. That's not to say you wont experience psychological symptoms such as anxiety, boredom, sleeplessness, restlessness, and apathy. This does not mean that the addiction is any less severe than a physically addictive drug. Psychological withdrawal can be quite severe.

    My best advice is to make it as hard as possible for you to relapse. Delete your dealers' numbers and stop hanging out with those pothead friends. Don't goto any pot parties. The first month is gonna be tough; after that it should get easier. You might want some melatonin for sleepless nights. Tell your loved ones that you're quitting so you can have their support and they can hold you accountable.

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