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    Hello all,

    New to the site. This was recommended to me by my therapist. Last time I PMO was on January 30th. I had a streak going for a while before then. Made it almost 8 weeks before I finally couldn’t hold out anymore. I hope to be better this time. I have my fingers crossed.
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    8 weeks was a great effort. Congrats that you got right back at it. I'm sure you'll get through it this time. Best wishes.
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    Hello and welcome! I root for you! Cold showering, healthy eating and lots of sports are good habits to support your journey.
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    I got a lengthy response and maybe some tips that have helped me and my story.

    I have had 18 years or so of struggle with porn. Here is what I have learned:

    I relapsed twice after 6 months Or so being porn free. That was pretty crushing. I’m currently a year or so free from that relapse. Although in this year, I had 2 near relapses and straddled the line and looked and tempted myself more than I should have.

    I have a wife and kids and I had to tell her and she has helped. Along with a few friends opened up too. It lifted a huge weight off.

    I have learned a lot in my struggle with porn. One, is what triggers me. A lot on the internet and tv triggered me(seeing beautiful women). I believe my last relapse was super bowl halftime show, I didn’t relapse that night, but like a week or two after it, but those images stayed with me and I kept wanting more, even after 6 months. The relapse before was seeing on ESPN website the athletes body magazine and got curious which athletes made it and had beautiful woman. Had zero intention of doing porn, but those were triggers.

    I also researched And watched videos of the science behind it all and it releases dopamine In your brain and scary how the addiction can become when I thought I could control it.

    the ways I feel like I have conquered it for good was that I had my wife put in an adult filter password that I don’t know what it is(it could be a friend if not married). It’s my backup plan when having a bad day and can’t see the adult sites. I also don’t watch shows that could trigger me and try to turn my head if I think a scene is coming. More importantly though, I have really grown in my faith with God. I have listened to so many sermons on temptations and that has helped me tremendously. Rick Warren and Greg Laurie are 2 of my favorites and have helped me a ton!! I learned about all the garbage I was putting in my mind. The analogy was how we have to watch what we eat, we can’t eat McDonald’s fried food every meal without bad consequences, the same thing applies with what you consistently put in your mind. We are trying to undo years and years of bad addictions and it takes time to undo that.
    “Above Inspiration” YouTube videos are great too. Give them a listen, it’s usually 10-20 min long.

    Hopefully this helps and try and learn as much as possible and avoid whatever gets you tempted and triggered. M make it a lifestyle change and don’t beat yourself up if you have a relapse. Just learn from it and keep trying to do better. Porn free radio podcast by Matt Dobschuetz
    I also told myself , I would help as many people possible struggling with this as I could once when I got it under wraps.
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    I really appreciate the reply. I have been 4 weeks now and notice a difference between my wife and I. I still have the urges, which I expected. I agree that tv and movies make it really hard to stay away. We were watching The Stand the last couple of nights and there were some sexual scenes depicted. It's hard to see how "hardwired" I am to become tempted.

    I currently have an audiobook version of "Your Brain On Porn" that I am listening to and from work. I have been reading up on the anatomy and physiological responses as well. Being in the medical field, I like to know the why and how to help with certain issues. These have seemed to really help me so far. I still have a long way to go, but I appreciate the tips and support!


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