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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Deleted Account, Feb 2, 2017.

  1. I'm going to be to trying to stay off Facebook. I've found myself getting really angry when I go there. I don't know what's happened to me, I use to be very excepting of different opinions to my own but nowadays I'm not.

    Maybe it's the political climate we're in at the moment, but I find myself being rather intolerant of people who have different views to my own. It's gotten so bad that I find myself getting mad that there's no one to get mad at on Facebook. I don't always write what I think in the comment section - I show some self control in that regard - but I get really angry.

    But deep down I don't want to be this way. I think we'd be in an awful world if everyone thought and acted the same. Our difference, and way we handle our differences is what can makes us beautiful.

    I'm apart of a few writers group on Facebook, so I'll visit them when I need help with my writing. But for the next few weeks I'm going to be trying to stay away from Facebook.
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  3. I prefer the midway: I have a facebook account and everyone who knows me, can find me there. But I don't post or comment anything. Instead I get an e-mail, when somebody has sent me a message. So it's a kind of modern mailbox, since less and less people use e-mail as means of communication. (I don't have smartphone, either, by the way.) I don't need to login to be available. Sure, there's a high trigger potential by 'accidentally' browsing, but nowadays it works really well to me.

    Plus I don't see any sense in following those public debates. I have shifted down my consumption behavior radically. This is my way of protest and being politically active in some way. I naively think: If more rich people took or claimed less, then more poor people could get at least something.
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    Yeah Facebook sucks. I need to deactivate my account. I rarely go on there and very rarely post anything. I don't see the point as nobody really posts how things are going with themselves or families. It is more about posting the same news article over and over and over and over and over . . . well you get the point . . . again. Kudos to you for staying away from Facebook.
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    @Surfing Poet Yes that's a good idea.
    The issue with facebook is that you have no real contact.
    Your emotions are real, but they have no real counterpart.

    You are tricking yourself. Your brain "thinks" that there is someone in front of you, but in fact you are alone.
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    I also plan to stay away from facebook, youtube, instagram or those kind of things. I find myself always surfing these sites. Instead, I plan to go out more, hit the gym, take a walk and the like.
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    I would cut off my FB too but so much of my business revolves around it...However I too got waaaay to caught up in this year's unfortunate political turmoil, and have blocked family and friends due to very differing views.

    I do think it's time for a FB purge however. I'll go through my page and remove everyone who I don't know, or people I just not that close with anymore.
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    A deciscion you wont regret
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    Good for you!!! I wish I could do the same. More than anything, I find myself wasting time on there. I have made one step for the better though: I have deleted the app off of my phone so I can only look at it on my real computer, and that's really cut back on my mindless scrolling. Baby steps LOL
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