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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by Robbin6276, Jan 3, 2019.

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    Heya to all, or whoever stumbles across this

    I have just recently joined and I'm trying to understand what truly the whole nofap is about.
    I want to get the core of the wholw ethose, the root, the og cause and the core belief.
    Is it that men go on the nofap to just try and stop porn and the adiction?? How bad does the addiction go?
    Is it that nofap ia meant to instill more respect towards women? Try to appreciate more real women rather than on their screens and fantasies? What is it??

    Much appreciated and plz don't go hard on me, i just want to truly understand.
  2. Hardcandy

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    You can start with reading the personal journals or the success stories. I believe you will find most of the answers there.
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    Nofap is a community of people who want to quit mainly porn and masturbation so they can have a better life. It's believed (and scientifically proven) that too much porn and masturbation can have really negative effects, you should research it. A good source of information is
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