Turn your Internet Browser against itself as your NoFap Ally!

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    I’ve decided to call this the
    “NoFap Browser Technique” lol ✌️

    (Let me forewarn anyone attempting the following suggestion to make sure they add the NoFap website to the “Allow List” as it actually locked me out from NoFap, even though it’s the one site I know of actually trying to help me do what the auto-block was also. Lol)

    Hey everybody! I’m new, and yes I will get around to my intro post in the New Users section once I get the courage...lol

    The “NoFap Browser” Technique

    What I did was go on my phone (which is currently my only source of web browsing as I don’t have a computer) and I went into the restriction/parental lock settings. The way this is done is different on each device but I’m sure being an (ex)-internet/porn addict, you all can probably do some research and figure it out ;)

    I went into my iPhone settings, General, Restrictions and set a parental lock...for myself! I know, it sounds silly! Lol

    The iPhone’s Restriction settings have options you can choose such as automatically blocking explicit content as well as specifying which sites to allow and which to manually block. Whichever device you have, I’m sure there will be something similar.

    When I had further specified (after the auto-block) what websites I didn’t want to see just in case the auto-block didn’t work, I set a four digit pin. I believe most parental locks have 4-digits, if not more.

    This part might be a bit tricky. Quickly set a pin using the number pad provided by your device. However, since the device will ask you to type the pin twice, in essence, you’ll want to create a pin without letting your brain remember it.

    Don’t think too long about what numbers to press. Quickly type in 4 numbers and try your best to type in the same 4, while at the same time ignoring what numbers your pressing. As I said, tricky. Lol

    I am happy, however, to report that it works! Since the settings are from my iPhone itself, it will actually block all of those sites no matter what browser you are using! I thought I could trick the system and use Google Chrome instead of Safari, but nope! It will simply tell you that the website can not be reached. I almost had a lapse and this actually stopped me dead in my tracks!! I even felt better right then and there, once my erection went down (lol), knowing I almost slipped but actually couldn’t even do so if I wanted to!

    If you realize that you actually happened to remember the pin you set, no worries! Just reset it. I can honestly say, I have no idea what pin I set. Lolol

    If you have more than one way to access the internet, just make sure to go through each device and find those settings, in whatever form it may be or different name it may have.
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