Turning Life Around at 31

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by redemption777, Dec 28, 2020.

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    Since the beginning of 2019, I've been seeing escorts and drinking a lot. I am 31 and living with my parents. I started working at 26 (which is late, should've started working earlier) but have not saved any money, due to me helping my parents with rent and just being reckless with my money. I have about $2000 to my name. I started drinking due to depression and anxiety. I live with very strict and overprotective parents. They have tried to dictate every aspect of my life. They have raised me well, but refuse to cut the umbilical cord. The escorts are a result of me not being able to find a girlfriend. I have tried really hard but just can't, does not help that I look like a high schooler. So I mostly get attention from young females.

    Seems like I have 1000 thoughts going through my mind. Especially when I see everyone else around me succeeding. I just got a promotion at work and will be making more money. My plan is to spend the next 2-3 months just saving money and moving out of NYC to a place that is more affordable. I have a few places in mind. The cost of living is cheaper but you get a lot more for your money. NYC is overrated in my opinion and just not worth living here anymore. This city just is not the same. Overcrowded, overpriced, crime and it's dirty. Gentrification is doing more harm than good. It just makes it so the natives in that community can't afford to live there anymore.

    Would love to stay in the city and have found places I can afford. But it's not worth the price. Would rather go somewhere else save money and possibly move back in the near future. I just have to work on my self confidence, let go of fear and step out my comfort zone. Also take a break from social media.
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    Samsies bro. Im 28 but look 21 and get attention from younger girls aint a bad thing. But i think dating or having sex with 18 and up is okay as long as its consensual.

    The 10 commandments said it best do not envy your neighbors goods or women. Envy never grows into anything good.

    Yuup. I say that to all my single/bachelor fellas. You aint doin shit? Then stack paper and stunt on mfs.

    Pretty much any big city is like that. I live in a big city too. Gentrification sucks but we all gotta learn to live together. Fighting each other will get us nowhere.

    Same. Ive been pmo since 9 or 10. I realize now that its the reason i have anxiety and low self confidence as an adult.

    Social media isnt the problem. Its the control we let it have over us.
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    Hey bro, sometimes the past teaches us some lessons don't worry about that, there's hope for you im sure you will get it this time, congrats on your promotion try make a little plan on where you wanna live and cost of living etc. Keep going bro
  4. Your life story is almost identical to mine. Except I don’t live in the city.

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