Two weeks without PMO: HOLY $#@!

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Werd, Feb 23, 2015.

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    I've been a porn addict since I was about 18; I'm 35 now. I don't get much action from ladies but recently met someone where there is chemistry beyond belief. It's been a long time since I've met someone where there was an instant spark. It knocked me out for a week (in a good, positive way) there was such a dopamine release. I was working like a mad man, I could see my future ahead of me, I was happy with who I am, and I want to get with this girl so bad it's killing me and . Anyhoo, I realized last week I didn't wank it the entire week.......and I felt like I had taken a super human pill. I work a physical job and some of my coworkers were like damn dude, are you on meth? I've heard of NoFap but didn't think much of it until I found a show where Gary Wilson from It blew my mind. I knew it all along that I've been damaging myself from jerkin off so much, and it intrigued me so I did more reading and was stunned that I had all the symptoms of PMO addiction: lack of energy, sore muscles (even though they're somewhat always sore since I do labor type/transportation work), cloudy eyes etc. Fast forward to today: after 2 weeks of not wanking it, I was like a crackhead looking for a rock. I had to and did. 30 minutes after and my mood, energy level and everything is right back where it has been for 10 years: LOUSY. I think I'm gonna have to ween myself off of it similar to other addictions because I feel so much better/ALIVE when I don't jerk off everyday. I'm hoping I can get with this girl but I'll probably have to vent the spigot beforehand or I'll end up like the dude from American Pie! But yea, I'm definitely up for the challenge of going as long as I can, hopefully to the point of ridding myself of it completely. I don't know if I can do that since my relationship/love life is in the toilet, but I now realize it's from internet porn addiction.

    Thanks for reading.
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    I've been really researching and reading about porn addiction and I'm astonished; it's left a generation of miserable young men who have no clue or desire about real sex, me included. I've been with 2 women my entire life and each time it basically sucked because it wasn't like porn at all; half way hard dick, quick, embarrassing etc. I can't wait to try and get some action after NoFap for as long as I can. Question: if you know you're gonna get laid, most guys suggest venting prior to meeting someone; is that also true with NoFap? I'm afraid I'm gonna be so charged up I'll pop off like a bottle rocket and that will be that.
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    Great job, keep us updated.
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    First off.. I don't recommend just hooking up with some girl, but the ABSOLUTE LAST THING you should do is fap beforehand!! Don't give in. Even if you last ten seconds the first time, you will now be able to go for hours because you will function like superman! But I advocate for abstinence until marriage. I think it is about love with a person, and a real relationship can not be influenced by the endorphins that sex causes. Why girls are "clingy" after you hook up. Sex is designed for marriage.
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  5. Werd,

    I know you are down about relapsing, but try to focus on the positive. Continue to build on the progress you've made. I often hear people say something make it a year you first have to make it a month or in weight lifting lift 250 lbs you first have to lift 200 lbs. Best of luck!
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    Zach, I'm glad you posted because I care for this girl deeply and I hardly know her; yet when we lock eyes it's like looking into each others souls. I know both of us are deeply sexually frustrated. I'm not Christian, but the last thing I want to do is hurt her. I'm playing things on her terms, whatever the outcome. I'm so excited I don't even want to jerk off. We're mind f-ing each other subconsciously.
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    Well done mate, two weeks is awesome for someone been addicted for such a long time! Ill follow the thread so keep us updated mate. Dont fap beforehand btw, youll just ruin the sex, of you last ten seconds, be happy.. I never finish with my girlfriend and its definetely much worse, atleast she'll know you're satisfied with her :) You just have to laugh it off and enjoy it really.

    Keep it up Werd
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  9. willgrit

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    This man is absolutely right until here. I have had a few relationships and the sex is never good if you fap beforehand. The American Pie relaxing thing is total BS. You will NOT Prematurely Ejaculate.
    In fact, if u're hard, she'll get turned on too. Just wear jeans, so she cant see it, but feel it if you guys get into foreplay.
    If you fap an hour before, you might lose motivation to have sex, and won't be able to go in hard, which will make for bad sex for her, and she will then thing you were bad in bed.
    So go hard, even if u last for 10 seconds, those will be the best 10 seconds of your life and hers.

    Btw, 2 weeks is amazing. The max i've been able to do in the last 1.5 years (ever since I started tracking this) is 3 weeks.
    It can become painful and you become restless, but there is a right way to expend this energy: work + workout + go out and hunt :) chics, I mean.
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    Yeah you might last only ten seconds the FIRST time... The second will be better if you don't fap.. But if you fap there will be ONLY one time and it wont be as good. You need to remember that you can use you're whole body and mind and emotions to satisfy a woman... Sex isn't all about the 'D'. Lead her, entice her, talk with her, connect with her.... Talk to her about your worry... It probably will turn her on that you trust her and are vulnerable with her
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    Congrats on the lady. As for the need to 'vent the spigot' I think that's a control thing that will develop over time. Right now this is pretty new and you're not using to having to rein in the desire.

    From my own experience I can say the more often you rein it in, the more used to it you'll be. Its a muscle in your brain. I still get periods of intense arrousal occasionally (usually stress induced though).

    My gut feeling is you'll have more control, not less when you get with a girl. Anyway good luck, God bless!
  12. Steel Fury

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    The counter argument to that is that if you don't fap before getting "action", you'll be able to pop twice when the action actually happens, or so I've heard.

    That said, maybe you should go through a 90 day reboot before looking for some "action". Just to make sure you've really healed properly.
  13. Damn right. Couldn't have said it better.
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    Great job bro
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