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    Reset: Failing one of our programs/challenge. This stemmed from the act of resetting your day counter badge back to day one. If your masturbate during your rebooting program, this could be called a reset.

    I think it should be "you".

    Relapse: For addicts, the act of returning to bad habits after a period of improvement. This is a serious word. Examples would include masturbating to porn (for a porn addict), significantly disrupting your life due to excessive masturbation (going on a 20x binge and skipping work), risky masturbation (masturbating in public), and other similarly life-disrupting activities due to an addiction.

    Can you also add: This will eventually lead to failure in any current challenges (reset).

    Please explain if you cannot add so I will understand better. Thanks! :emoji_angel:
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    Hello @TaronEger!

    Your first point is good and I have brought it to the attention of the staff.

    Your second point will not be added. In addiction terminology, a Relapse is considered more severe than a Reset. A relapse is an ongoing series of resets.


    - Sunshadow
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