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    Yesterday I was on the brick of relapse. I had a 10 day streak and what happened is that I had this strong urge on day 1 where my brain told me that u need to relapse cuz having really strong urges from day 1 means its gonna be tough along the road.

    I was like who the hell am I lying to, the urge is gonna come now, in a week, or n a month. it is the same, I am going to have to fight it anyways.

    I looked at my life and my reasons, I felt that I am done, done, done with being unworthy of relationships. Porn strips u from feeling human. every time u fap, u give all the feeling of love, worthiness and the need of people.

    The only benefit that I know its hundred percent true, is that u feel human.

    U will have ur emotions back, u will start needing people. when u show interest in people, they show interest in u. that why u hear of all them benefits. their not superpowers. there just normal healthy human powers.

    think seriously about this addiction. U need to believe 100% of what porn has taken away. U r depressed because u look at relationships and it gets u down that u can't be in one. Porn is doing that!

    I really hope that this is my last relapse, I just got an urge harder than the one before. and I fought and won.
  2. Definitely agree. Porn is a thief masquerading as want-to-be friend.

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