UFC and MMA fans - What do you think?!

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UFC 229: Nurmagomedov v McGregor

  1. Khabib Nurmagomedov

  2. Conor McGregor

  3. One of them will pull out/get injured

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  1. GettingAGrip

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    For all the UFC fans who are interested in the fight between Khabib and McGregor, who do you think is going to win in your opinion?

    Explain in the comments below!
  2. __zeXon__

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  3. SolitaryScribe

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    I've seen Khabib's fights and Mcgregors fights. They both have different fighting styles. Mcgregor has a stronger punch and is generally faster than khabib. However khabib does fairly well with chokeholds.

    If khabib is able to drag out the fight with McGregor for a longer time, than khabib will probably win seeing as McGregor gases out early. If khabib is able to get McGregor on the floor in a chokehold than khabib will most definitely win considering McGregor is like a fish out of water in chokeholds. However Mcgregor isent that easy to take down... he's fairly rigid and doesn't topple over easily.

    In the end though I think McGregor is going to win because of his insane knockout strength... than again I could be wrong... but this is going to be an amazing fight regardless! can't wait!
  4. Khabib.

    He's very well rounded and extrordinarily tough and hes going to fight him the same way diaz did. He's going to pressure Mcgregor the entire time and beat him into submission. I know Mcgregor has hands but after I saw khabib take a full strength spinning round house to the neck from barbosa and not flinch, I know it wont be enough.
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  5. KS1994

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    He will win by default when the local judge refuses to release Mcgregor before trial.
  6. Well,I cant say anything before a match.As a Mcgregor fan.I will go for him;)

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