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  1. Ada

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    Hi, my name is Adam, and I'm not new here.

    But I feel like a totally different person, so I figured Newbies was the topic to post to. Throughout this lastest hiatus I've become depressed. I haven't cared about watching porn, anything that takes my mind off of my thoughts. My focus hasn't been on staying away from porn, but more on the point of life and why I'm even here.

    Won't be starting a journal, I'll be maybe try not to watch porn, but that's the least of my worries. Just and update, later.

    What'd I use to say? Have a good NoFap day or something like that?
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  2. struggle19

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    Hi Adam,

    What kind of person have you been before ? Maybe your changes could help others.
    I have reset my PMO the same day like you. So we could help each others to not fall if you want :)

    Have a good NoFap day ;)

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