UK (M, 21) - Looking for an accountability partner or group around my age

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    UK (M, 21) - Looking for an accountability partner or group around my age, preferably in the UK as well due to time difference but Europe is also cool.

    Open to joining an existing group or creating a new one. Aiming to check in at least once a day, most likely in the evening and probably on discord.

    Been watching porn for 10+ years now, within the past 2 years have noticed severe consequences and am now realising how badly it's affected my personal relationships in the past as well. I suffer from PIED, brain fog and lack of concentration/motivation in my daily life and a complete lack of emotional/romantic/intimate inclination or awareness.

    I have good habits (going to the gym, practicing guitar, eating well) but this hasn't stopped the addiction. I've made attempts at NoFap and no porn before (my best being 60 days NoFap) but I've relapsed and been left feeling hopeless - the idea of ever being in a normal, healthy and loving relationship feels extremely abstract and distant. I'm now making a stand because this can't continue and I'm willing to put everything into this. I'm starting with a 90 day hard reset to reboot and get on the road to recovery and heal my PIED.

    If any of this sounds relatable please get in contact.
    Thanks. :)
  2. Hi im looking for ap to pls inform me if there is still some space :) I use the forums pm system.

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