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    So, yeah.
    Heard about this from some Catholic news service a while back. Didn't get a reddit until today and decided to look it up, only to get linked here.
    My name is Steele. I've been more or less addicted to porn/masturbation for 8 years. Was vaguely aware that what I was doing was wrong, but didn't realize what it was I was doing for several years. Ever since then it just felt dirty and hollow, but I kept doing it because a) doing it felt so good and b) for a long time it was the only way I could actually go to sleep. Also, the whole Catholic thing but I'm so bad at that it may as well not count for a motivation.
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    Hey there !

    I come from a Christian background as well, so i know what talking about and the beginning of healing ... is revealing, you need to reveal, which is why i encourage you to reveal what you're going through ...

    I went through very devastating personal circumstance and wanted to relax ... went for a spa ... and things have gotten very dirty, i have never been that close to pre-marital sex and i feel robbed and very disgusted,

    i pray that you do your best to stop, otherwise, trust me on this ... you will feel miserable,

    you can tell from my username, change starts by Romans 12:2 ... read it !

    Bless :) !
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    I'll remember you in my rosary. Have a Hood jouney may God Bless you!
  4. DireWolf

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    Welcome brother!, i respect the fact that you admit you have a problem with this, just like all of us, i can completly relate on how you feel after PMO and its pure misery and self degradation, you are better than that, this challenge will be good for you, glad to have you here and looking forward to hear about your success
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    Welcome kirbymaster!! Starting on here was the best decision I ever made. Quitting would be the worst. You WILL succeed someday, more or less by definition, if you never give up and keep improving your strategy. Read lots of "hot threads," go to websites like NoFap academy, yourbrainonporn, yourbrainrebooted, reboot nation, and so on, and educate yourself. The best resource Ive ever found is Sacred Sexuality Project on Youtube. Watch that and watch success stories on the sidebar of youtube, like Black white guy in America, who gives really goo advice. I dont know how much you want to quit, but once you see success stories where these guys list all the benefits, you will understand how life changing this will be. God bless you, you can do it! (BTW, NoFap is not religious at all. It just happens to be Christians who found your thread).
  6. kirbymaster7491

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    Thanks, guys.

    Incidentally, I had heard that NoFap was non-religious. Read somewhere that the founder was actually atheist or something and had gotten into the medical implications of fapping. The Christians hopped on later because this was a good thing and for some folks religious motivation works better than/with medical. Or something like that.
    I've been trying halfheartedly to quit for a while now and I suspect I'll find that knocking this off will destroy most of my motivation to hate myself.

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