Unexplained Crying?

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  1. I've nearly finished Day 8 of no PMO. I haven't lasted this long without PMO for over 10 years, so that in itself is remarkable. Just today, for some reason, I keep crying. I have no reason to cry - I haven't lost anybody and I haven't heard any bad news. I can't remember the last time I cried - it's like somehow I'm getting my emotions back. Is this a common "side-effect" of abstaining from PMO?
  2. Crying is a beautiful thing don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise, let it out man, let it out.

    Yea I have had it a few times on different reboot attempts. It does happen. I’ve had no emotions for years due to being in a perm flatline, so crying or any real emotion is a big deal for me. Keep pushing forward.
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  3. Thanks so much :)
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    Yes, crying is normal as some underlying issues are emerging on the top even you have no idea what it is. Crying is, for example, releasing stress so if you have too much stress from nofap then your body can make you cry as your tears are containing cortisol which is leaving your body. Crying is also human and beautiful and important, please cry as much as your body wants you to. You will heal as never.
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    Yeah it is. You get random emotions when you abstain because the brain chemicals in your brain are fluctuating. It also means you’ve got PAWS bro
  6. Thank you all so much for your kind, supportive words! :)

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