Unhealthy obsession with yoga/gym tights

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by startingfresh_90, May 23, 2020.

  1. startingfresh_90

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    One of the main triggers that im struggling with is my unhealthy obsession with yoga pants.

    Its made me feel really dirty and pervy and I really hate myself for it.
    I have actually gone to the gym toilet for a fap after seeing girls in yoga pants at gym and I always feel so horrible about it.
    I have also discreetly follwed girls around the gym so that im always standing behind them and working out so that I can stare at them while I lift.

    I know its normal for a man to enjoy a good looking woman. But ive gone way beyond that and its turned into a really unhealthy problem.

    I have some good female friends and i know a lot of good women so it really disturbes me to be so pervy.
    How do I move past this and start looking at women like people and not meat?
    I know my problem, i just dont know how to pick it apart and eliminate this super strong trigger and obsession.
  2. Hey brother,

    I know how you feel. I don't have the obsession to yoga pants, but I know how it can be triggering .I have asked girls in the past why do they wear yoga pants they know that may be triggering to men.

    Their reply always was: It's really very comfortable in wearing it. So try to think of that way - look at women ENJOYING their confidence in their body by wearing something comfortable with it.

    Also, it's okay to enjoy an attractive woman and it's OKAY to be attracted to a woman who wears yoga pants. After all, you are a male! It's in your biology to be attracted to women's body. So that's okay.

    In my situation, cleveages are my big struggle. I still struggle this every single day. But what helps me is that I try to think of this: The women are doing this to show their confidence. Sometimes I wish that they realize how triggering this may be to men.

    What's the issue is the following them around and fapping after seeing them. - that may turn them off. Why not approach to them and talk to them and get to know the beautiful females. Just say hello! Introduce yourself to them. Remember you are a male. It's ok to be attracted to women with yoga pants. Accept that. Just don't follow them. Get to know the woman :)
  3. Awedouble

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    I'm curious about the timing because currently most places are still locked down, so assuming this didn't happen recently does that mean you somehow recalled a past episode? What made you think of it?

    To be honest I don't think triggers are everything. If you focus on how to get rid of it it could even make it worse in the sense you keep it in your mind instead of thinking about something else entirely.

    Or let me put it another way, instead of picking this particular behavior apart, recognize that it is already a part in a bigger picture. It's hard to say much beyond this without knowing you a lot more than this post would tell us.

    Are there any female authors whose work you respect, and possibly even reflects a little bit of her personality? I'm thinking along those lines because there wouldn't be as much of a disconnect, which is what is happening when someone is being objectified on the basis of their physicality - their body is seen as separate from their mind. It's a bit of a stretch though I know because even if say there's something online it's probably something like them giving a talk, at best question and answer and not really a natural interaction which reveals the most about a person.

    Meanwhile, even though it's on a general level you can work on integrating your body with your own mind. This is why I thought of the idea of learning sign language, because unlike normal speech which is very easy and automatic, you would deliberately express yourself physically through your arms and also facial expressions, and from what I've seen it is just a bit slower so it is also more thoughtful and deliberate. This is very different from working out where the movements doesn't have much mental content because it's a matter of physical training and repetition, whereas learning a language is a matter of using the body to train the mind. I don't expect most people to get into this and I just had the idea today but you can see the way it would work.

    A trigger is a signal. Though we're talking a strong biological signal it is ultimately one out of a lot of signals and information.

    And again how did that come up? Were you just exercising outside and a girl in yoga pants jogged by or something?
  4. startingfresh_90

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    In terms of the lockdown I guess everywhere is differentat the moment. We are still allowed to run and exercise in public and gyms are allowed to run classes and stuff outdoors so there are still plenty of girls around in tight yoga pants.

    My comments about fapping at the gym relate to behaviour that was occuring over a duration of time and are not specific to the last few weeks.

    But on the 12th of june all of our gyms are opening and going back to normal and im really looking foward to getting back into some lifting again but I want to deal with this problem a little bit first.
  5. monkeyfonics

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    You're not weird. There's no reason for women to be wearing skintight yoga pants. They only do it because they want attention, and they are taking advantage of the fact that society has deemed it acceptable dress (even though 20 years ago it would've been considered really slutty).

    I have a similar thing for women in hosiery but that's obviously nowhere near as abundant as yoga pants these days, so it's not usually a big problem for me. If I were in your shoes I'd find the gym extremely hard to deal with. I wish I had an answer for you.
  6. Awedouble

    Awedouble Fapstronaut

    Okay with that kind of time frame it might be a simple matter of a concentration game of mental discipline, along with the physical discipline. Actually will yourself not to look in that direction, as simple as that might sound. Let me add this doesn't even preclude you meeting girls, but actually in at least one scenario might improve your chances because what if she notices you are following her around?? If she has that in her head the first time you talk to her then that's going to lower your chances big time because of the creep factor. But if you focus on your own workouts, and she can see the discipline that might even be something that is attractive. Chances are you're only going to have a chance to have a real conversation if someone is a regular anyway, maybe in a class or whatever where there's something to talk about. You could do a combo of cold shower, breathing and meditation - some one can do meditation alone in a hardcore way but that might take longer than you would like, the other two would be kind of to make it faster and easier.
  7. HellDevil69

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    Simple solution : imagine a very old aged woman say 80+yrs old woman with wrinkles on her face .. dull face ..etc
    Wearing tight yoga pants ...

    Do this in your mind whenever you feel triggered by thought of yoga pants .the sexual thoughts will go away in a second
  8. Hashirama

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    You need a gym partner who will get you to stop this. Trying to ignore hot yoga pant girls in the gym when you have a trigger is near impossible. Either work out at a different time when the gym is empty (for about a time till it's hold on you is considerably gone) or get yourself a partner.
  9. diaspar

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    You have to train yourself not to look at body parts. That can be tricky with certain articles of clothing, but look away as quickly as possible.

    After a while it becomes more habitual. If you must look, look into their eyes..
  10. I think the best way to solve this is to talk to the woman. After all you are attracted to her wearing her yoga pants, right? Go talk to her.

    I assume if a 80 year old woman wear yoga pant, you'd not be attracted to her. That's my assumption, so that tells me that you are attracted to the whole package (woman, yoga pants, etc). As you stated that gym will be open on 12th.

    I agree with others on that thinking about that trigger to yoga pants will even make the trigger be worse. You are a man. Just talk to the women that you are attracted to. Eventually your trigger to yoga pants will die once you see the REAL woman inside her.

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