Unlearn prone or just go with nofap

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by C0nquer0r, Dec 15, 2019.

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    I'm curious, should I first unlearn prone? or just keep doing NoFap? I've been trying to do NoFap for three months now and the longest streak I got was only 10 days. I have been masturbating conventionally for 4 years and have done prone for a year, only stopped because I heard that it was bad and somewhat unhealthy. My orgasm time and sensation from prone is also the same as my orgasm by hand and they feel just the same. The problem for me back then is having to orgasm when I'm half asleep cuz i can just hump my bed, although this only happened for days and hasn't been a problem for me in months now because of muscle memory when sleeping. Every time I get an erection (when sleeping/not sleeping) my body quickly reacts and forces my wiener to not touch the mattress (Learned this for a couple of weeks to avoid orgasm when half asleep). I am on my 7th day now so should I unlearn it or just keep doing NoFap? I can actually do prone and not have a problem doing it by hand, it's just that I'm feeling somewhat incomplete knowing that I can do prone (Idk maybe this is just my OCD kicking in because I have a worse case of OCD). I'm also curious about the benefits, do I still get the same benefits even though I can do prone and do NoFap?
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    what is prone? You don't seem to be using the word in the grammatically correct way. So some of us are a bit confused.
  3. Man, there is no such thing as doing peone masturbation and doing nofap at the same time. Just do nofap: don't masturbate whether in prone or by hand. Simple.
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    Quit the prone and do NoFap. Prone is so bad for ED and DE
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    It's a method of masturbation where you hump your bed, basically. It's a bit weird to refer to yourself as "some of us", but okay.
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    Ah, ok, thx for explaining. Yeah, I shouldn't've said "some of us". I thought since nobody replied that many readers were confused. My bad! Thanks again. Yeah, humping the bed is masturbating and it solves nothing. Look into the book "Practice of Brahmacharya" if you want the nuclear-level guide to nofap, from a Hindu monk.
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