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    Hello fapstronauts,

    Im almost 20 tears old guy who wants to be free from this addiction. A little story about me. I started watching porn and masturbating from age of 13. I did it for almost 7 years to this moment, but I discovered a truth about it about 2 months ago. I wouldn't say that this thing was ruining my life, but I would say that it was dragging me down all these years. I mean I could do much much better at every aspect of my life such as: sport (I used to do grappling for 3 years, now I do MMA), studying, social life, etc. Trust me, when I say much I mean much.

    While looking back my only thought is "What I was doing these whole time, this 7 years just passed by and I didn't achieve anything worthy". Only thing I feel about my past is regret and feeling of lost opportunities. I don't have another addictions, maybe sugar addiction but im not sure, anyways I will overcome this too.

    Since I discovered porn and masturbation I became lazy, always tired, not motivated... I do everything at last moment right before deadline (somehow this feeling that there is almost no time, forced me to do what I have to do, but still all my attempts to organise everything and do things in time were failed). My efforts to achieve fit body of my dream also ended in failure. Everything happened due to lack of energy and motivation which are results of PMOs.

    Few words about my abstinence attempts. 2 months ago I began my first nofap streak which lasted 20 days (tbh I started watch porn sometimes again after 9 day, but I didn't relapsed). After 5 day I could feel the difference and on 7 day I was feeling like im from another planet. This was so amazing that I couldn't believe it and this feeling remained before I relapsed (more energy, less fear, clear mind, performing much better at trainings, studying became more interesting and a bit easier, im sociable person but with nofap I was even more sociable and much better at conversations, more attraction, etc.). Then another streak that lasted 2 weeks, then 1 week. And then streaks of 2-3 days which I can't really call streaks. Thats my little experience with nofap which, of course, I will continue to practice until it become my lifestyle.

    A little fun game for Naruto fans :) I see this journey as a game. If I pass 90 days it will unlock sharingan, then 180 days means unlocking Mangekyo Sharingan (MS), then 270 days - EMS, and finally 365 days means you unlocked Rinnegan.

    Well, that all I wanted to say to you guys. I will do my best to beat this P and M drug and become better version of myself. Good luck to me and you guys. We will save shinobi world :)
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    Ambition is..

    Defined by what you accomplish with it.

    You've tasted what happens when the source of your life energy is properly channeled.
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    You’ve had a taste of success. Remember the benefits. If you can get to 20 days, you can make it to 25 or 30... or more.

    I’m in my 40s, and I wish I had the courage to confront my own addiction at your age. When I was young, I didn’t have resources to turn to. You have a community behind you here. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
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    Thank you, I really appreciate it. I feel lucky that I discovered nofap and its community and im thankful that I became part of it while im young. Feeling that you are not alone in this war motivates to move on and to not give up.

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